Create A Virtual VW Camper


VW lovers unite! Kombi-Nation just created the ultimate software which allows you to create your own virtual VW camper. You can choose the body style, color, roof line and windows — and it’s free! Just register at, design your own VW camper, then share it with all your friends. Kombi Nation The fascination with VW campers has [Continue Reading]

10 Things About Airstreams That Few People Know


Airstreams have been around for a really long time, but if you think you know everything about these classic silver bullet shaped trailers, you’d probably be wrong. The Airstream still has a few secrets even the most devoted fans might not know! 1.  A Tent Trailer Airstream? The first Airstream was built on a [Continue Reading]

Brad Pitt Helps Build a Tiny Home for Those in Need


Ten years ago, Hurricane Katrina devastated the New Orleans Lower Ninth Ward. Today, Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation and the FYI’s Tiny House Nation are working together to build a tiny homes in the hardest hit area. Nola Nola Pitt created the Make It Right Foundation in 2007 to provide homes for communities in [Continue Reading]

These Travel Trailers Are Just Plain Cute


Travel trailers, or bumper pulls, are little homes pulled behind a vehicle that date back to the days of European gypsy caravans when Romanian gypsys pulled their wooden homes behind horses. Today, lightweight trailers can be towed behind nearly any vehicle on the road. In 1901 “Caravaning” became an increasingly American activity with the invention of [Continue Reading]

Is This A Pontiac RV?


If you like to think outside the box then you’ll appreciate this unusual Pontiac RV. The owner created his own unique RV by merging a former 1953 Pontiac Ambulance with a truck camper from the 1960s. Listed on Craigslist as a HOUSE CAR, this one of a kind Pontiac RV offered the owner a chance to [Continue Reading]

This Chevrolet Camper Van Is Just Plain Odd


Okay…this is one of those articles that will make you scratch your head. Recently I was checking out when I ran into an article on a 1978 Chevrolet van that had morphed into some form of a space-age camper van. Believe it or not, someone bought this one of a kind RV on eBay. I bet [Continue Reading]

This Camper Will Make You Happy


This is one of the cutest RVs I have ever seen! It’s called the Happier Camper, or the HC1. This small lightweight trailer is a snap to tow for a weekend away. Let’s take a look at what it can do. Happier Camper The HC1 is made entirely of fiberglass and filled with movable modular [Continue Reading]