Will Smith Knows How To RV


Think you’ve seen everything? How about this amazing, two story custom RV? If you’re Will Smith you simply call this epic trailer HOME. The actor makes this mega trailer his home on wheels when on location shooting films. In fact, this 30 ton rig has everything you need to be a Hollywood legend and still [Continue Reading]

Meet The World’s Smallest RV: The Cramper Van!


If you’re looking for a new RV, you might want to consider the world’s smallest and lightest rig on two wheels. It’s called the Cramper Van and there’s nothing else like it. This viral sensation is the invention of Andy Sunders, a British custom car enthusiast. Saunders loves to create weird and sometimes wacky mobiles [Continue Reading]

This 1947 Great Western Trailer Looks Space Age


If you love vintage trailers, this find is for you! It’s a 1947 Great Western trailer. It was made in California, and is so rare the owner has only been able to located three others around the US. The trailer is said to have been designed by Aeroflite designer, Frederick C Hoffman. Wallace Collection The Great Western [Continue Reading]

Introducing The Vistabule Teardrop Trailer


Teardrop trailer lover’s, this one’s for you!  Introducing the Vistabule — a one of a kind teardrop trailer with a twist. Why spend your time feeling claustrophobic in a tiny tin can when you could be looking out a giant window at the vista beyond? This special teardrop features large windows so you can enjoy camping. [Continue Reading]

A Blast From The Past: Motorhome History


On any given summer day you can see dozens of RVs trailing down the highway. These creatures of comfort have an amazing history that few people are familiar with. Let’s step back in time and take a look at the 105 year history of the modern RV. From the very early days of motorized travel, Americans [Continue Reading]

Stealth Camper Vans Just Got Classy


Looking for a Class B motorhome with some serious class? The new line of Mercedes-Benz Camper Vans might be just the RV for you. These camper vans have been available in Europe for several years, and are now becoming popular around the US. With the demand growing for compact sized, luxury motorhomes, Mercedes is taking the lead. autoexpress.co What [Continue Reading]

The Safari Tent Feels Like Home


Looking for the ultimate travel tent? Well look no farther than the Barebones Safari Tent! This sturdy tent provides an amazing shelter that feels a lot like a home. It features a fabric shell made of 600 denier that will keep you nice and dry regardless of the weather. The heavy duty frame is made from [Continue Reading]

Meet This Star Wars Style Portable Resort


If you’re a Star Wars fan, you are going to love this portable resort. The Looper Portable Resort looks like it came straight from the planet of Tatooine. This sand monster style pod is promoted as an Eco friendly dwelling inspired by the shape of caterpillar. Nomadic Resorts The Looper can be used as a tree [Continue Reading]