Ridgway – The Custom Airstream That Will Make You Swoon

vintage airstream interior

Have you ever laid your eyes on a custom designed Airstream? Theses days, many people are turning their iconic silver trailers into specially designed custom retreats on wheels. If seeing these rigs makes you jealous, this custom Airstream is guaranteed to make you swoon. It may even provide just the right inspiration to have your own RV remodeled. This custom designed [Continue Reading]

Live Large In This Tiny Mobile Home


Vina Lustado lives in a tiny mobile home that she personally designed. Lustado owns an architectural firm focused on sustainable building, so designing and building her own efficient home made a lot of sense. This elegant, 140 square foot house, offers everything she could want. Her tiny mobile home features a beautiful deck, french doors, skylights, solar [Continue Reading]

This is How a VW Campervan Performs in the Snow


Volkswagen Campervans were invented shortly after WWII in a Germany. A Dutch importer to the factory noticed the motorized trolleys that were transporting parts within the factory, made from running gear and stripped down VW Beetles. Strange looking though they seemed, they were enough to inspire a beetle-based van design, with a bit of a box-on-wheels look [Continue Reading]

25 Airstream Trailers That Will Amaze You

airstream bar

The original Airstream went on its first trip in 1929. It was created out of a husband’s wish to find a compromise with his wife. The founder of Airstream, Wally Byam, loved to go camping. But his wife didn’t want any part of it. She didn’t like the thought of sleeping on the ground, or camping without [Continue Reading]

This 1971 Shasta Camper Just Got A Makeover


Retro trailers are all the rage, and this 1971 Shasta Camper was just granted a new life! Worn to the point of falling apart, Sam Harriss of Camp Cocktail Events wanted to find a way to restore the lightweight trailer for his business events. He connected with Mabel Studios who did a total restoration and [Continue Reading]

6 Useful Camping Apps for Your Next Outdoor Adventure


Where do you turn when looking for online camping information? For most people the answer is Goggle. It doesn’t matter if you want to find a suitable camping site, or a nearby hiking trail, Google is always there for you. But there’s another source of helpful online camping information that is right in our pockets. I am, of [Continue Reading]

The Gidget Teardrop Camper: What You Need To Know

gidget on the beach

When Christine Bree and Glenn Wills decided to design their dream camper, they knew it would be a challenge. They pushed aside their misgivings, worked through the challenges, and brought their vision to life. What they didn’t realize was how popular it would become with other campers. Their creation, the Gidget Retro Teardrop Camper, is [Continue Reading]

The VW Camper Van: A Brief History

VWBayWindow final

The Volkswagen (VW) camper van has been around for a long time. Since the end of World War II this iconic vehicle has spawned several generations. Unfortunately, the last one rolled off of the assembly line in January of 2014. Want to know how this van became so iconic? Check out this brief history of the [Continue Reading]

Travel Trailers: Low Cost RVing in Luxury


Have you always wanted to own an RV, but were paralyzed by the thought of investing hundreds of thousands of dollars into a recreational vehicle? Perhaps a travel trailer is the perfect solution for you! Where prices for many motorhomes rival the cost of a house, you can purchase a basic model new travel trailer for [Continue Reading]