This Camper Truck Belonged To Steve McQueen


Steve McQueen loved vehicles, and his 1952 Chevrolet 3800 camper truck was no exception. The truck purchased from a migrant farmer that McQueen passed on the road was recently auctioned on eBay for $99.000. The one ton forest green truck features a 235 cubic Loadmaster six cylinder engine. McQueen used the camper truck for his [Continue Reading]

Vintage Camper Van Ads: These You Have to See!


For over 60 years, Volkswagen has been producing convenient conversion automobiles in the form of the camper van. These are smaller than full-sized vans, so they are more fuel-efficient than larger motorhomes. They also have the ability to become sleeper vehicles with little effort, making them perfect for camping trips, as well as impromptu overnight [Continue Reading]

Tiny House or School Bus? You Decide


We’ve all seen school bus conversions, but this one is sure to make you smile! Mira and Jeremy Thompson worked for four years to turn their 1989 International School Bus into a cottage on wheels — and I do mean cottage! With only the cab exposed, it’s hard to tell this was ever a 37-foot [Continue Reading]

Garage Themed Pub Serves Drinks From Its VW Camper


Now we’ve seen everything. The Jubilee Garage Pub in Bourne, U.K. Recently put in a VW Camper van bar. Since the location was originally a garage they thought having an actual vehicle upstairs would make the place come alive! The 1972 Volkswagen Camper Van had the windows removed and a bar placed inside. Truth be told, [Continue Reading]