7 Essential Gadgets for RVers in 2017

2017 - Gadgets for RVers

As 2016 comes to a close, we look back at a great year for all things RV. As always, new models hit the market, shows and expos were as impressive as ever, and more families decided to join in on the fun that is RVing. Now as 2017 begins, we can expect companies to roll [Continue Reading]

Choosing The Best RV Retractable Awning

Rv Awning mat

Many RVs, whether you buy them used or new, will come with a retractable awning already attached. These useful pieces of fabric are supported by several metal attachments that allow them to hang over the side of your RV and provide shelter from harsh weather conditions — whether it’s inhospitable sunlight, pelting hail, or anything [Continue Reading]

Be a Campsite Chef: Use These 3 Knives


For decades, sportsmen and women have been wondering, Where can you get a great knife for campsite cooking? It’s well known that outdoors stores like the Bass Pro Shop and Cabela’s carry a wide variety of camping cutlery and utensils. Although their knives are generally sturdy, they don’t always equal the quality required for finely dicing, [Continue Reading]

RV Vent Lid Replacement Instructions


One of the greatest things about a well-manufactured RV or trailer is that it doesn’t turn into a massive oven. This is because of the ventilation system that allows air to come in and out of the vehicle so you and your passengers don’t roast in the summer heat like Thanksgiving turkeys. Your air conditioners [Continue Reading]

How To Choose A Travel Trailer Hitch


Congratulations, you’re about to buy your first travel trailer! You are going to love the freedom of traveling to unseen places and experiencing the great outdoors. Travel trailers date back the the 1800s when they were pulled behind horses in Romania. These gypsy cabins were perfect tiny homes for European tribes on the move. In [Continue Reading]