9 Free Road Trip Apps for Your RVing Vacation


When it comes to summer vacations, road trips can be hit or miss. That is, they have the most potential to fall apart right after they begin. Instead of a character building and family bonding trip, they can quickly devolve into disaster. But, if you take pre-emptive steps, this can be prevented. How is this possible? [Continue Reading]

Meet The Camping Couch


What do you get when you cross the comfort of a couch with the utility of a backpack? You get the Eastpak Sofa of course! Eastpak is a company best known for making backpacks. Well this time they tool the backpack to a whole new level. Utilizing the sofa design of Quinze & Milan, they [Continue Reading]

33 Pieces to Include in Your Backpacking Gear


Cold nights, hot days—backpacking is hard work. Finding water, carrying all of your necessities, hiking with your possessions, having the right gear makes the entire endeavor more comfortable and easier to do. These are some of the most fully functional, multi-tasking pieces of camping gear and equipment to take with you on an extensive hike [Continue Reading]

26 Must Have Items for Your Next Camping Trip

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Are you the definition of a camper? Or, maybe you are going camping for the first time? No matter which category you fall under, you will need some gear to make life in the wilderness better. If you need help deciding which items you should buy, this article can help. It contains several camping items that will ensure your [Continue Reading]