Top 20 Weirdest RVs In The World. You’re Never Going To Believe What RV #14 Is.

There are some truly wacky RV mash-ups out there! Wacky combinations, such as: two kinds of RVs fused as one, RVs on top of other RVs, RVs combined with trains, planes and all kinds of automobiles. The possibilities are simply endless.

Say what you will about the, hmm… lack of practically, of some of these RVs, but there is no denying the amount of creativity and ingenuity that has gone into creating these RVs.

How surprised would you be if one of these wacky RV mash-ups pulled into the campsite next to you? Would you run over and ask for a tour or turn away in embarrassment?  I am personally in love with the Airstream + Oldsmobile combo, but not sure I could handle all the questions, stares and strangers-taking-photos this wacky mash-up would provoke. What do you think? Let us know what your favorites are in the comments below.

School Bus + Pop-Up Camper

Harley + Class C Motorhome

Volkswagen Beetle + Over-the-cab Camper

A Toyota Prius + Camper

Truck + Caboose-style House

Wacky RV Mash Ups

The Flying Tortoise

Truck + Ambulance + Plane

Airstream + Oldsmobile

School Bus + Volkswagen Bus

Truck + House

Chrysler + Camper

Monster Truck + Fifth Wheel RV

Truck + Car + Camper

Rugged Truck + Train

Firetruck + Slide-in Camper

Bus + Bus

Old Truck + Aluminum Camper

Limousine + Slide-in Camper

Bus + Cedar Shingle House

Boeing 727 turned RV

1946 Chevy Truck + Custom Wooden Camper

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