10 Most Extreme Monster Truck RVs

These RV owners decided to take their RVs to the next level and create what most people would call “extreme RVs.” Check out these 10 extreme RVs. My personal favorite is #7.

#1. Extreme Family RV – Class A with a big lift and huge tires.


#2. The Big Red Machine – This looks like it’s ready for a crazy off-road adventure.

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#3. JKTowers – Where’s the ladder to get in?


#4. Western RV’s Tango – This is probably the most famous of all monster-truck RVs.


#5. Airstream Extreme – This isn’t what you normally think of when you when you say Airstream RV.


#6. The Desert Challenger – This is the ultimate off-road RV.


#7. The Truck Camper – This isn’t your grandpa’s truck camper.


#8. Alien Attack RV – This looks like a sci-fi RV that’s ready for an alien attack.


#9. Army Camper – This army ranger built himself an awesome, extreme RV.


#10. Big Wheel Tour – This Airstream-turned-extreme-RV is ready to take any tough roads you throw at it.


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