Top 10 Weird & Unique RVs

We have created a list of the 10 most unique and weird RVs on the planet. These RV owners wanted their RVs to stand out from the crowd so they created one of a kind homemade RVs.

This first RV is an Airstream + car combination. It looks a little futuristic!

1. The Airstream Extreme

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This custom made VW trailer is the worlds longest VW and a crazy one of a kind RV. Can you imagine pulling in to your local state park and seeing this thing parked next to you?

2. The Extended VW

This Volkswagen Beetle camper combination will cause you to do a double take. Is it a camper or is it a beetle? Looks like both to me.

3. The Beetle Camper

This looks like a big blue boat. The only thing I don’t like about this custom one of a kind RV is that it doesn’t have any windows.

4. The Big Blue Boat

This DIY truck camper looks like the owner found any mismatch parts laying around threw them together and called it a day. This is the ultimate DIY budget camper.

5. DIY Budget Camper

A custom RV with a rooftop patio. This custom camper offers a great view and a rooftop deck. I wish my RV had a rooftop deck like this. What about you?

6. The Rooftop Camper

Where’s the other half of this RV? Ok I don’t really understand why you would do this. I guess now you can use the space in the back to haul stuff but I still don’t get this RV.

7. The 1/2 RV

This is the ultimate motorcycle RV combo. This bike trailer combo would be great for exploring America experiencing the open roads while having a nice place to sleep at night. I wish we could see the inside of this RV.

8. The Motorcycle RV Combo

This RV has a lot of wheels, can you count them all? This one of a kind RV looks like a futuristic spaceship. I’ve never seen an RV with so many wheels have you?

9. The Big Wheeler

This old school camper is so cute. I would love to see this in person. This antique RV needs to be in the RV hall of fame that how cool it is.

10. The Old School Ford

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