How a 1955 CARAPARK Hunter Sixteen Two Became a Glamping Destination

Meet Miss Myrtle — a real beauty who’s just undergone a new makeover. Miss Myrtle is a 1955 CARAPARK Hunter Sixteen Two caravan. Her known history begins in the mid ’90s when, according to DIYRV, she was discovered abandoned in a carport in Hays, New South Wales, Australia. That’s when Myrtle received her first makeover to make her suitable for use as an office and retreat for decades.


Happy Glamper

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That brings us to 2013, when the caravan was renovated once more by Jessie and Scott, owners of Happy Glamper, an upscale camping company based in Australia’s scenic Mornington Peninsula. They saw something in Myrtle, and before long had transformed her into one of their most glamorous and sought-after retreats.

Their site gives a brief rundown of what she can do now:

She features a wonderful “rock’n’roll” diner, gas cooktop, fridge, Queen bed (or two single beds), record player, loads of storage and a kitch 1950s style that you will love! You won’t find anything like her anywhere in the world!

Miss Myrtle, now a full-on “glamping pad,” is available for use at many campgrounds in the Melbourne area. Interested campers can simply book the caravan through the Happy Glamper site, and Jessie or Scott will drive her to the camping spot of your choice.

Anyone can enjoy the added features of her new makeover, including a record player, coffee/tea making facilities, books, board games and two matching lawn chairs to relax beneath the shade of her awning.

Intersted? Find out more by visiting the Happy Glamper website.

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