7 Awesome Shiny, Vintage Trailers


For someone with sophisticated taste, ‘luxury trailer’ is an oxymoron. Today’s mobile homes are tricked out with all sorts of gadgets and conveniences. Sure your driver’s seat swivels and is large enough to fit a baby elephant, but let’s be honest, it doesn’t quite feel homely.

The trailers below dare to defy that stereotype. They are completely re-imagined and reconstructed with unexpected finishes.

The shinier a trailer, the better if you ask me. And the seven highly polished vintage beauties below are the epitome of polished aluminum lovingly restored and put to good use.

1. The Hotel Daniel 1952 Airstream

A 1952 Airstream sits on the grounds of the Hotel Daniel in Vienna, Italy. This Airstream is polished to perfection and parked in a lovely park-like setting.



With a built-in bed and a full sized bathtub, this trailer has everything you need for an amazing stay.

hotel-daniel-airstream interior


2. Andreas Stavropoulos 1959 Airstream

Andreas, a landscape architect, bought and retrofitted a vintage 1959 Airstream trailer that he now calls home.



Stavropoulos graduated from Berkeley College in 2007. He remolded the Airstream at a woodworking shop in Oakland and at a friend’s sculpture studio in Stanford University. The 1959 Airstream is 7′ wide and 15′ long. It sits in the garden of a co-op in Berkeley.

Wall to wall linoleum and flesh toned paint fills up the interior of the Airstream while a custom bed and furniture provide the perfect living space for this architect.

3. Flowerland in San Francisco Bay: 1969 Streamline Princess Trailer

Flowerland is a nursery and café north of Berkeley, CA.

The nursery was built in 1945, and a 1969 Streamline Princess Trailer serves as a café with fresh pastries from local bakeries.

The vintage trailer café is operated by Hirewire Coffee Co. The location allows visitors to sit in the only green spot left on what has now become a completely commercialized street.

4. El Cosmico Hotel

Liz Lambert is a hotelier in Austin Texas. She created the El Cosmico Hotel. This bohemian compound that consists of refurbished vintage trailers and teepees’ with wood fired outdoor baths, outdoor showers, a grove of hammocks, and an outdoor kitchen.

El Cosmico is located on 18 acres of land on the edge of Marfa, Texas.

5. Jane Hallworth 1955 Spartan Trailer

Jane Hallworth is an interior designer who purchased a 1955 Spartan trailer in 2005 on eBay. The Spartan trailer is christened Bobby Dazzler.

She first got the idea of remodeling a vintage trailer when she did one for Drew Barrymore more than a decade ago.

The Bobby Dazzler is retrofitted with an all wood interior and an L-shaped seating area, as well as deep soaking tub fashioned from a stainless steel commercial sink.

Bobby Dazzler is regularly used in Hollywood during movie shoots.

6. Boutique Glamping in Big Sur

With prices starting at $175 per night, you can pick one of the lovingly restored vintage beauties at Big Sur Getaways to rent for the night.

How about this 1974 Avion that sleeps 3. It has an 80’s vibe and panoramic windows. The Avion has a kitchenette with gas stove and queen sized bed. The sofa converts into an additional bed.

Or the 22 foot 1965 Airstream Safari that sleeps two.

7. Baldridge Architect’s 1970s Airstream Trailer

When an amphitheater in downtown Austin gave some local architects a dis-used 1970s Airstream, the Stubbs Greenroom was born.

Completed in 2011, the Stubbs Greenroom is available for artists playing at Stubbs Bar-B-Cue and Waller Creek Amphitheater.

What do you think of these awesome trailers? Which one would you love to spend the night in?

What do you think?

How much can you make renting your RV?

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How much can you make renting your RV?

See How Much You Can Make

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