Adventure Vehicle: A Home Away From Home

Alex Honnold loves to climb and travel. That’s why he decided to create an adventure vehicle.

It’s one part camper van and another part mountain climbing central. Alex calls it home. Inside he crafted a comfortable space with plenty of room for all his gear.


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Andy Earl/ Outside Online

Alex made sure his rig had plenty of space for his camping and climbing gear.

He has lots of storage to keep all this gear and tries to keep the small space tidy by picking up and sweeping every day.

The van is outfitted with a full size bed that he uses for everything from sleeping to reading to eating!

He uses a 5 gallon bucket for water, and a cooler for a fridge.

Alex mounted two 60wh solar panels to the top of the van. They power his laptop and the lights in the van. This adventure vehicle is basically a homemade Class B motorhome.

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Source: Outside Online

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