The Gorgeous Aero Madera

William Landivar’s wonderful creation, the Aero Madera, which translates to “flying wood” in Spanish, is something out of a dream!

William Landivar’s prized project measures in at 1,700 pounds, 15 feet long, and 7 feet wide. This teardrop camper is definitely not something that could be considered a traditional design. The aerodynamic structure and lines are what allow this camper to live up to its name – the Aero Madera, or Flying Wood in Spanish.


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The entire project to craft the beautiful Aero Madera took a year, and cost an estimated $25,000. William created this type of trailer because it’s easier to haul. That’s right – no large truck needed!

The Features & Materials Used

Only the highest grade materials were used to build the Aero Madera.

  • Oak and mahogany wood throughout
  • Custom-built square tube frames with a galvanized steel belly pan
  • Marine and epoxy varnish finish
  • Hand-formed polished aluminum trim
  • A stainless steel sink equipped with pressurized water
  • Carpeted and leather interior
  • CD and DVD player equipped with four Dolby surround sound speakers

The Beauty of the Aero Madera

There are literally no words for the beauty of the Aero Madera. Such craftsmanship and hard work is something that will be admired for years to come. The Aero Madera recently sold on Craigslist for $16,900.

It’s clear that William wanted to create something for families to enjoy and pass down for years to come. This beauty of a teardrop camper is big enough for a family to watch movies together and sleep in, which makes it the perfect family camper.

We salute William for his triumph in creating a trailer that is completely out of this world. 

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