The Antique Motorhome: 9 Pictures of a 1917 Packard

As Will Ferrell’s character, Ron Burgundy, in the movie “Anchorman” said, ” I don’t know how to put this, but I’m kind of a big deal. People know me. I’m very important. I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.” That statement brings to mind a certain image of luxury. When driving a luxurious antique motorhome, such as a 1917 Packard, you can enjoy the glances of envy and admiration that follow you in your wake.

1. Introducing the 1917 Packard Twin Six Motorhome

This nearly-antique motorhome is one of the oldest in the United States. Rumor has it that it was built by Earl C. Shops in the Los Angeles, California area for the Pickwick family. This family is said to have owned and operated buses, and eventually merged with the Greyhound bus company. Some dispute this origin story.

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1917 Packard Twin Six
1917 Packard Twin Six


The vehicle was held in California into the 1980s. All restorations were done locally, and the Packard has since been stored.

2. How Does It Run?

The Packard’s twin-six engine stands at 424-cubic-inches and the transmission is a 3-speed manual.

Under the Hood
Under the Hood


It has a 224-inch wheelbase, a front suspension of air-over-hydraulic brakes, and manual brakes with an air assist.

3. An Old-Fashioned Captain’s Chair in an Antique Motorhome

The red, leather upholstery of this captain’s chair appears to be in pristine condition. The paneling on the driver’s side interior is real wood.

1917 Packard Driver Set


The color and the material, that this area of the vehicle is made from, exude sophistication, class and prosperity.

4. An Antique Steering Wheel

This antique steering wheel is made from wood, and has steel spokes. It is a durable piece that has held its age well.

Packard Steering Wheel
Packard Steering Wheel


It matches nicely with the wood paneling and offsets the rich, red upholstery of the front seats.

5. The Front Kitchen

The front kitchen features a stove with a 2-burner gasoline cooktop. Although not often used in modern times, this type of stove cooks evenly and cleanly.

1917 Packard Kitchen
1917 Packard Kitchen


The galley also holds an icebox and a fully functional sink. Although it is small, it has an appeal for those who value simplicity.

7. Beautiful Wood Cabinets

Along with the wood paneling throughout, the kitchen’s primary attraction is the beautiful wood used in the cabinetry.

1917 Packard Kitchen
1917 Packard Kitchen


Not only are they lovely to look at, these classic pieces are durable and add real value to the interior of the antique Packard.

8. The Hallway

A grand, wood paneled hallway leads from the captain’s chairs, past the kitchen, to the sitting room/bedroom area.

Interior Hallway
Interior Hallway


Mid-way down the hallway, is a bathroom/powder room. Although it too is small, it is fully-functional.

9. The Living Room/ Bedroom Area

The living room in the rear of the motorhome doubles as the sleeping area. The lush, burgundy twin sofas are accented with matching desk lamps.

Sitting and Sleeping Area
Sitting and Sleeping Area


At night, however, the convertible sofas are adjusted to become comfortable beds for the occupants to rest upon.

10. Twenty-five Feet of Luxury

The 1917 Packard Twin Six Motorhome reaches 25-feet long. As beautiful inside as it is outside, the previous owners took real pride in this vehicle.

1917 Packard Twin Six Motorhome
1917 Packard Twin Six Motorhome


It is commonly agreed that items over 100 years old are considered antique. As of 2015, this is an almost-antique motorhome that is as fabulous today as it was the first day it hit the road.

In Conclusion

Obviously, a piece of art like this isn’t going to be everyone’s “cup of tea.” This isn’t the camper you take the kids and dogs to go fishing in and it isn’t the RV in which you stop overnight in a KOA, while on your way to a blue’s festival. This is the prize that you polish and care for, to be brought out once or twice a year for car shows or to go on a classic car cruise where it will truly be appreciated.

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