These Awesome Pet Trailers Will Make You Smile

We love our pets and we would do anything to make them happy. Pet products are more popular than ever, and we love to buy our furry friends lots of toys, beds, treats, and even clothing. The latest pet craze to hit the market is a pet-sized trailer — because pets like RVs too!

Thanks to Judson Beaumont of Straight Line Designs, you can now purchase a cute and comfortable trailer for your pet.

The idea was born when Beaumont’s daughter requested a puppy trailer for her little friend. Only four were initially produced, but thanks to a number of solicitations he immediately got to work building more. Beaumont now stocks his studio with seven different models with pet appropriate names such as, Cat Nap, My Baby, and Dog LVR. All trailers come with a personalized license plate, stainless steel bowls, and an interior battery operated LED light.

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The stock pet trailers are built to hold a pet up to 20 pounds, but can be made for a larger pet upon request. This is an indoor product, so unfortunately Fido can’t use this as an outdoor doghouse.

Inspired by vintage trailers of the 194o’s and 50’s, these hand crafted trailers can be customized with colors and materials of your choice. The cost it around $1,000 and they can be shipped anywhere around the world from their studio in Vancouver, Canada. To purchase a pet trailer for your special little friend, contact the studio directly.

The “Grrrrr”

This modern trailer would look great in the living room. Maybe with some plants surrounding it so your dog really feels like they are camping?

The “Cat Nap”

The perfect place for a cat — or a dog — to take a nap.

The “Dog LVR”

Built for dog lovers, or maybe lover dogs?

The “My Baby”

A pretty neat trailer with a great retro design for the dog with discriminating taste.

The “2 Cute”

Awww… now this is just too cute.

I think all of these pet trailers are awesome, don’t you?

This dog sure does think they’re great!

Show your pet some love and get him or her their very own trailer. Because humans can’t have all the fun!

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