Camping in a Doughnut Tent

Chances are you have never hear of — much less considered camping in — a doughnut tent. This spacious, unique, and easy to set up doughnut shaped tent was created by Jeong Han Kim, Hyumook Lim, and Sungha Lim.

With their unique design and concept, camping becomes even more interesting and fun. Introducing the Camping Doughnut!

Donut shape

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As the name name suggests, this tent is shaped like a doughnut. The cylindrical shape might seem limiting, but it actually offers plenty of space for up to four people to comfortable inhabit. In addition to space, the tent also has the ability to for into a variety of shapes

  • I Shape: A single, straight tube that provides a large living space with two rooms and a living room/recreation space.
  • C Shape: Basically the same set-up as the I shape tent with a curve to block the wind.
  • O Shape: Combines two tents to form a complete doughnut shape with an ope interior living space.
  • S Shape: Combines two tents in opposing C shapes.

The Doughnut Tent is simple to set up in as little as a few minutes. Save time and enjoy convenience on your next camping trip. It also packs down into a small round case for storage and transportation.

You might finding it a little strange to camp in a cylindrical tent at first, but if you are someone who loves to try unique things, then a Doughnut Tent could be for you.

This concept tent was the finalist in the Spark design awards, so you won’t likely find it for sale any time soon. But who knows, maybe someday, we’ll all be sleeping in Doughnut Tents.


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