One Part Car. One Part Camper. 100% Amazing

Picture this. You own a boring hatchback, and you never travel anywhere.  Now imagine this.  You own an amazing hatchback and now you go everywhere!  What’s the difference?  You own the SwissRoomBox, the ultimate car transformer.  Here’s how it works.  Pack the SwissRoomBox in the back of your car–you know, that space you usually pile luggage and other junk.  Now prepare to stand in awe.  In a few short minutes, your car is completely changed into a camping machine.  Lift the tailgate, and you now have a place for cooking, eating, or playing games.  Open the door and you find a cozy bed area perfect for two people who just want to get away from it all.

The SwissRoomBox is a modular system which can be installed in most cars.  Every piece fits together to create a one-of-a-kind camper in a car.  Your hatchback is a whole lot sexier with this $2,200 add on.  Imagine what it will do for your weekends.  No more boring grocery runs.  Now you can be living at the lake, without ever having to buy a traditional RV.

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