Changing the World One Tiny House at a Time

Contrary to its name, the Tiny House Movement is quite big. In fact, this effort that supports more sustainable and smaller homes is becoming more popular every day. It is because of this popularity that we are seeing many innovations in the design of these tiny homes. For example:

• One tiny-house owner has a cottage that uses salvaged materials and solar power.
• Another has a mobile home with foldout walls. Now, that is the definition of the word flexibility!
• Yet another has a jungle bungalow that has a bed made out of an old trampoline.

With all these innovations and creative ideas, it can be hard to imagine how things can get even better. But, what if thinking this way was a form of limitation? What if we were to consider thinking outside of the box and ourselves? What kind of tiny home could we come up with then? In other words, how would one build a tiny home that could do some good?

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What do I mean by this? Well, if you are looking for some inspiration, just follow the example made by Ceardean Architects. This Irish architectural firm recently joined forces with the Ripple Container Homes Project to create a beautiful home for the homeless.

Who are they?
The Ceardean Architects Firm consists of experienced specialists, consultants, and designers. These experts share a passion for collaboration, skilled design, and building collaboration.

They aim to blend and focus their different disciplines to create beautiful, affordable structures. This holistic design process creates sustainable buildings that are eco-friendly, functional, and unique.

What Did They Do?


Ceardean Architects, along with local builders, electricians, and plumbers, built a home for charity. The group of over 60 suppliers donated their time and materials for a 3-day project, in November of last year. It cost 50,000 pounds (roughly $75,000 American dollars) to complete.

Upon completion, the new home spent some time as an exhibit at the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA). While there, visitors learned about Ireland’s first shipping container home, and ‘cargo-tecture.’ After spending its allotted time in the spotlight, it became the new home for a family in Deerpark in Co Cork. Everything came together just in time for the Christmas holiday; it was the perfect present for a homeless family.

The Finished Product

interior shipping container

The chic-looking home you see, in the above pictures, used to be a shipping container in its past life. Now, it’s been outfitted with a bathroom, full kitchen, bedroom , a large deck, and 20-foot span of windows. Other amenities include state-of-the-art products like:

  • Back boilers
  • Micro heat recovery units
  • Hot water heating
  • Solar panels

These features helped turn the shipping container into a stylish, modern, and comfortable home that can fit up to six people.

Why Did They Do It?

Ireland’s first shipping-container home serves as a model to help communities deal with the housing crisis. It is a sustainable and affordable option that offers individual many opportunities for customization.

Thank you for reading, from all of us at RVshare!

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