He Wanted a Custom Camper: This Will Amaze You

Do what you love and love what you do. As an independent contractor, David Dillon has designed, built, and renovated customized houses for over 15 years. One aspect he truly excels at is the hands-on approach he takes with the intricate details of these projects. While most contractors hire employees to take on the more tedious parts of a job, David does them himself.


David Dillon

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His attention to detail has become more of an infatuation than simply part of his occupation. He even attends to custom projects in his spare time…just for fun. “Big Woodie” is an example of one such project.

Big Woodie’s Exterior

This custom camper was a labor of love. A renovated bus built on a vintage truck chassis, its wood paneled body has little in common with other paneled vehicles. The inlaid wood exterior features a sublime trim that outlines and enhances the shape and details.

Custom Camper’s Exterior Kitchen

The kitchen is cleverly placed out of the way, yet conveniently located for outdoor use. It slides out of a lower storage compartment at the bottom of the camper.

There is a custom cabinet on the interior of the front door, which makes it easily accessible from inside or outside. The kitchen also features a propane refrigerator.

Big Woodie’s Living Room

David made the interior just as beautiful as the exterior, perhaps even more so. The living area features leather captain’s chairs and an “L”-shaped sofa. Old fishing reels and custom woodwork adorn the walls. The elegantly paneled ceiling offers audio speakers and recessed lighting.

The Custom Bedroom

Natural light streams in through the rear bedroom windows creating a sanctuary built for relaxation.

Handcrafted woodwork adds special details to this amazing custom camper.

Big Woodie’s Rear View

This vehicle is as attractive leaving as it is when it is driving toward you.

In case you doubt what you are seeing, the name “Big Woodie” is emblazoned across its customized curved metal rear in stenciling.

In Conclusion

Obviously, not everyone has the talent, the time, or the tenacity to take on a project of this magnitude. When looking at pictures of this custom camper, it is easy to become inspired to dive into your own DIY project. Please share this with any friends or family members who enjoy being creative. Help make the world a more beautiful place.

Source: David Dillon Builder

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