DIY Camper Keychain Is Fun To Make

Looking for a fun project for you and your kids? Why not make this super cute, DIY camper keychain. All you need is PerlerĀ beads. These small beads come in a large variety of colors that are placed on a pattern board, ironed and fused together.

This project is easy for all ages. Simply match the Perler beads by color to the pattern below. Wouldn’t this be a great gift for all your RV loving friends? You will need a square board and seven colors of beads which are available at Hobby Lobby, Michaels or

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The Perler beads come with directions. Simply follow them before you iron because once you add heat the beads will be connected together. Be warned! You can melt the beads so be careful.



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For the full download on this activity and additional DIY ideas visit The Scrap Shoppe Blog.

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