On the Road Again: Willie’s Dual Generator is Awesome

Nobody knows more about being “On the Road Again” than country superstar, Willie Nelson. He spends so much time traveling from concert to concert that he has owned five different tour busses since 1978. All have been named “Honeysuckle Rose.”



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Reportedly, the singer so thoroughly enjoys his coach that he often sleeps on the bus while at home in Spicewood, TX. The RV is where he engages in one of his other favorite pastimes—smoking marijuana, which he refers to as “adjusting his personality”. Willie’s feelings about the herb are almost as famous as his support for farmers…and of course his music. One of the things that make his newest tour bus comfortable enough for long-term use is the powerful twin generator system.

The Dual Generators

A generator powers all of the electrical elements within the coach when shore power (i.e. the plug the runs runs from electrical outlet to the RV) is unavailable. Generator power keeps the batteries charged for basic items such as the lights and water pump. It also provides power for air-conditioning or heating so occupants remain comfortable. In addition, TVs, computers, and power outlets can be used when the generator is running.

While most RVs only have one generator, the Honeysuckle Rose is equipped with a dual generator system to provide the maximum amount of power. If one generator fails, the other kicks on.

The Generators’ Fuel

Always a supporter of the farmer—in fact, he started “Farm-aid”—Willie Nelson’s generators burn biodiesel. Biodiesel is manufactured from recycled grease, animal fats, and vegetable oils. It is considered more economically friendly than petroleum-based diesel.

How the Dual Generators are Mounted

Similar to a navy submarine, the dual generators are nestled on fully adjustable rubber gaskets. Air bags  allow the driver to tweak the pressure within the gaskets by lowering or raising it. This enables him or her to minimize vibration and noise.

The two generators are mounted on a rolling tray. The mechanic can easily pull out the tray and gain access to the generators for servicing or repairing.

How the Generators Work

The generators are liquid cooled with pipes attached to radiators across the coach. The exhaust from the dual system is conducted out the top of the bus.

In Conclusion

As fans of the country singer know, Willie can really get things done. With airbags, pullout trays, and a liquid system for cooling, this dual generator setup is more elaborate than most. Plus, with the twin system, it is nearly guaranteed not to fail. Please share this with friends and family who embrace or seek the RV lifestyle, as well as those fans of legendary Willie Nelson.

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