Enjoy The Airstream Experience At Summer Lake Hot Springs

Sometimes you just have to unplug and find a place of solace. The recently restored Airstreams at Summer Lake Hot Springs offer simple accommodations outside the tiny town of Paisley, Oregon.

Summer Lake Hot Springs promotes themselves as a healing retreat offering the opportunity to reconnect with the energy of nature. Just two hours from Bend, Oregon, this sacred space features eco-friendly Geo-thermal cabins, RV spaces and now Airstreams for nightly and weekly rentals.


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The long gravel entry drive takes you past totem poles, an old barn over the natural springs, hiking trails and restrooms. The hot springs can be accessed year round, and the pool is always 106-113 degrees.

The Airstreams are set in the open high desert allowing visitors to connect with a sense of peace rarely found in our busy day to day life.

If you’d like to rent an Airstream at Summer Lake Hot Springs, call or email them to make a reservation.

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