5 Ways To Celebrate “Get Outdoors Day”

National Get Outdoors Day is an event that encourages a healthy lifestyle, especially amongst our youth. Supporting Michelle Obama’s ‘Let’s Move Outside’ campaign, and with the goal of “healthy, active outdoor fun,” GO day is celebrated across America, and is quickly gaining popularity. You can visit their website for specific ways to raise awareness and support the campaign locally, and you can also start by celebrating on your own! Here are a few of our ideas of how to join the initiative:


1.Play a Friendly Sport
Backyard games are great because children (and adults) of all ages can play. Kickball, t-ball and spud are some examples of games that never go out of style, and are fun for the whole family. A little friendly competition always pushes people to play harder!

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2. Unstructured Play
Not interested in sports, or don’t have enough people? Just send your kids outside. Imaginations are the greatest tool. Tip: Leave the garage open and see what they find to play with. Whether it’s a hula-hoop, chalk or a ball, they’ll figure out how to have fun.

3. Have a Picnic
Instead of coming indoors for meals, why not picnic – even in your own back yard? Preparing the food and packing the basket will exercise children’s organization skills, and then they can enjoy their lunch in the fresh air.

4. Visit a Campsite
You don’t have to stay all night to enjoy the nature at a local campsite. Load your family and friends into your RV and drive to the nearest campsite. Enjoy the outdoors, cook over a campfire and even enjoy some s’mores before heading home.

5.Take a Walk
Figuring out what to do outdoors doesn’t have to be over-complicated – simply take a walk. Walk to your friend’s house; walk instead of driving to your next errand; or just take a walk around your neighborhood while catching up with your family about their day.

Getting outdoors is important every day, and this is a great time to create some positive new habits. Enjoy National Get Outdoors Day and let us know how you celebrated!

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