Glamping or Camping? You Decide!

If you’re new to the concept of “glamping” you might wonder how it differs from traditional camping. Well wonder no longer! We are here to present eight ways glamping is different from camping.

Along the way we’ll highlight several oh so glamorous glamping options, from vintage trailers, safari tents, eco pods, and tree houses.

All these glamping accommodations are available to rent through the Glamping,  your one stop place for discovering unique accommodations in gorgeous settings — without having to rough it.

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Let’s get started! 

#1. Tents

Camping: Haul it, un pack it, and put it together. Camping in a tent takes preparation and set up time. Be sure to bring a hammer to drive down the stakes. You don’t want the wind to take your tent away!
Glamping: Large safari tents, vintage RVs, yurts, a dome, or even a tree house. Whatever type of glamping you choose it will be fully set up and ready when you arrive.

Take a peek at this amazing canvas tent available for rent in Olympia, Washington. There are 6 tents to choose from and each one has its own theme. From western charm to shabby chic, you’ll want to try them all. Glamping in Olympia is located inside the Millersylvania State Park with tons of outside activities. Hiking trails give you the chance to experience the mountain breeze amidst the towering fir trees. $267 per night,

#2. Bedding

Camping: A slick sleeping bag on the hard ground or atop an ever deflating air mattress.
Glamping: A luxury pillow top mattress with high thread count sheets and an abundance of pillows.

Check out these floating cabins in Yellowknife Bay, Canada. In the winter you can skate out to your camp site. In the summer you can fly to it! Enjoy the pristine waters of the Great Slave lake and experience glamping at its very best! $165 per night,

#3. Fire

Camping: You bring the wood, you make the fire, you tend the fire, you clean the fire, you make sure the fire is out!
Glamping: You show up, everything you need is there, you don’t worry about a thing.

This tiny airstream is a 1960’s classic. Parked with panoramic views in the middle of the New Mexico desert. This well equipped camper will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter! $94 per night,

#4. Cooking

Camping: Plan ahead for cooking outside. You will need a variety of cookery, a Coleman stove, and a Dutch oven. Don’t forget to go shopping for all the supplies before you leave and pack lots of ice to keep it all cool!
Glamping: Many glamping sites provide a BBQ for you to use. In addition, some glamping sites offer full meals as part of your stay. You may also be provided with a kitchenette and a fridge. Be sure to check the individual site options.

This off-the-grid yurt looks over Monticello, Utah. It features all the comforts of home without all the stress. Look out at the snow capped mountains and enjoy the silence of nature. You can almost feel the stress melting away! $50 per night,

#5. Bathrooms

Camping: If you’re lucky there’s a stinky port-a-potty nearby. If you’re not lucky — there’s the woods.
Glamping: Full service bathrooms with flushing toilets, running water and often a deep, comfortable bathtub.

Ever sleep in a tipi? If not, this glamping location is for you. Located right along the Cabot trail on the amazing coastal island of Cape Breton. You’ll be surrounded by acres and acres of nature. This quiet getaway offers the option to explore on your own or join the guided meditation activities. Hungry  There’s a bistro and free WiFi just around the corner. Now how’s that for glamping? $131 per night,

#6. Beverages

Camping: Bring your own and crack it open. From soda to beer, bring what you like.
Glamping: Don’t be surprised to find an assortment of fine wines and craft beers. Some sites even offer a fully stocked bar.

Rent a tree house! Glampers can choose from two luxury tree houses located in the Shawnee National Forest in Ilinois. The house sleeps up to four guests and is built in a 200 year old tree. There is heat, air conditioning, a campfire and an outdoor grill. You’ll be so impressed you won’t ever want to touch the ground. $200 per night,


Camping: Amazing getaways in the middle of the woods, with an ocean view. or out on a prairie field.
Glamping: The Same! You get all the luxury of a 5 star hotel with an awesome natural view!

Glamping is an international hobby! This yurt is located in Slane, Ireland and offers everything from fresh linens, a wood burning stove and a king size bed. Who could ask for more! This organic farm offers yurt spaces which overlook the Slane Castle and the woodlands. It’s located only 45 minute drive from Dublin on the River Boyne. $100,

#8. Cost

Camping: It’s easy to camp on the cheap. A state park charges only a few dollars to pitch a tent.

Glamping: Are you sitting down? Glamping can easily cost between $50- $500 a night, or more! Unique locations with all the amenities don’t come cheap. So, if you plan to go glamping you might want to save up

That’s it. There are many differences between camping and glamping. One choice is not better than another. It is, however, important that you know what type of experience your friends or family are looking for. Together you can choose the perfect fit for your vacation!

Which do you prefer? Camping or Glamping? Add your choice in the comments box below. Share this article with your friends and invite them to vote!

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