Luxurious Glamping in Beautiful Northern Michigan



Bella Solviva

Why go camping when you can go glamping? This is the question that lots of campers are beginning to ask themselves (or their spouses), and for those who are planning to spend some outdoor time in northern Michigan, there will soon be a fantastic new glamping option just outside of Traverse City.

Bella Solviva in East Jordan, Michigan is a campsite of over 200 sprawling acres that will offer guests a combination of contact with natural beauty and all the creature comforts of modern life. Make no mistake — this is a campground, alright, but if you think you’ll be falling asleep in a musty sleeping bag on the cold, damp ground, think again. This is a true camping resort.

High End Accommodations

While you can certainly park your RV for the night at Bella Solviva, there are a few more interesting and unusual options. While the list of available accommodations isn’t complete (remember, the resort is still in its preliminary stages and won’t open for a few months), anticipated options include safari tents, teepees, tree houses, cabins, vintage RVs, a MASH unit, yachts, and even a converted airliner. All of these will be fully furnished and well-appointed so guests can enjoy all of the rustic benefits of camping without any of the uncomfortable drawbacks.

As for amenities, guests won’t be wanting for much at Bella Solviva. The resort plans to offer all sorts of niceties, including beautiful restrooms, laundry and dry cleaning services, firewood, a fitness center, and even catered meals. Guests of the resort can take advantage of some or all of these, depending on the type of camping experience they want to have.

Green All the Way

At Bella Solviva, the upscale accommodations don’t mean that there’s excessive use of resources. In fact, it’s just the opposite, as the resort is committed to what it calls “eco-chic.” Owners Brad and Sandy Carlson aim to have as small a footprint as possible. They hope to use 100% sustainable energy to power the resort, and the goal is to make everything as environmentally friendly as possible.

Some aspects of this eco-chic philosophy that guests may see when they visit Bella Solviva include sheets and towels made from organic cotton, energy efficient lighting, recycling bins, grey water recycling, and more. Plus, all cleaning and personal products will be purchased in bulk to reduce packaging waste and will be made of nontoxic ingredients.

Location, Location, Location

Bella Solviva is located in a region that is known for its summer season tourism and incredible natural beauty. The northwest corner of Michigan’s lower peninsula boasts dozens of lakes, miles of Lake Michigan coastline, wineries, and best of all, Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. Plus, there are dark sky areas for star gazing at night. If you love the outdoors, this is the place to spend some time in June, July, or August, and it’s easy to see why people from all over Michigan (and all over the midwest) flock to this beautiful area every summer.

In Development and Opening Soon!

The Carlsons anticipate that Bella Solviva will be open for business in the late spring of 2016, just in time for the summer camping season. If you’re interested in learning more about what this beautiful new glamping resort will offer, check out their website at They’re currently taking ideas from interested campers and glampers about what the resort should offer, and are even rewarding good ones with credits and even free nights. You can also buy Bella Solviva shirts to help them raise funds, and you can even pony up some bigger money to sponsor certain lodging units.

The site is still in its formative stages, but it Bella Solviva takes off the way other glamping resorts have, then it’s sure to be a wonderful new option for summertime vacationers and fun seekers in northern Michigan.

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