Be a Happy Camper – Erase That Funky Smell!

It’s your worst nightmare come true. Your guests walk into your new home on wheels, look around and hold their nose.

What’s that funky smell?


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RV owner’s rejoice. There’s an easy answer that will eliminate odors caused by your holding tanks. It’s called Happy Camper, and it is an all natural, organic formula that’s simple to use. Happy Camper doesn’t just mask the odor, it actually eliminates it.

Happy Campers features nine trace elements and two heavy elements in its unique formula. Together they work to erase bad bacteria that cause accelerated odor, even in 100 degree plus temperatures. Here’s how to use it.

  1. Flush the toilet a couple of times and make sure there is enough water in your holding tank to cover the bottom.
  2. With the toilet full of water, add one ounce of Happy Camper.
  3. Stir the toilet water
  4. FLUSH!  In just a few hours your any odors in your holding tank will go disappear.

Happy Camper can be purchased through the Happy Camper website, on Amazon, or through the 5 Star Happy Camper Website. It can also be found in RV stores around the country. Happy Camper is highly concentrated — one ounce treats 30 gallons — so a single purchase will keep your tanks smelling sweet for a really long time.

What do you think? Are you ready to get rid of the odor for good? Have you ever tried Happy Camper? Let us know in the comments below. 

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