Howell Family on Running a Business through RVshare

Last week, the Howell’s spoke to us about their history of camping and RVs and how they came to find RVshare. Today, we’ll learn more about how they run their business, and how RVshare has made it a streamlined and efficient process.

Do you consider yourself a full-out business owner by use of RVshare’s rental platform?

Charlotte: Yes, my family keeps telling me I’m a business owner, so I must be one I guess. I am one. It’s just hard to believe, because that’s kind of been my dream. In eight months, we’ve made $18,000 on all three.

What are your thoughts, Clint, of this family business?

Clint: RVshare is a great thing. Since we began this in November of 2016, we’ve done a lot of rentals. RVshare has facilitated those rentals practically seamlessly. Charlotte gets reservation requests on email, and all the documentation is taken care of upfront through the platform of RVshare. It’s electronic. And then Charlotte gets all the stuff together and actually has a phone call with the customers at that point. They go over all the specifics of any questions about things that they want to do.

And RVshare’s systems are very easy to work with. I don’t do a lot of that, but I get to see it from how Charlotte interacts with it. It’s a very good system.

How has this experience and income affected your family, made life a little easier?

Charlotte: It’s been great, because I’m able to work out of my house. It’s been amazing as far as my family is concerned, because we are now working together. My husband and son are both my delivery peoples. And, we just do more things together. I might drive with my husband, Or I might drive with Matt. Usually with Matt, and we’ll go together. So, he’s a 22-year-old, you know, and a lot of people don’t even see their 22-year-old son very much. I didn’t think I would [see him] as much as I do. When we’re driving, we get to talk and we’ve actually stayed where we’d delivered once because it was so far. And we had a really good time. That would never have happened without RVshare and being able to rent the trailers, so it’s been a wonderful experience for the family.

Clint: RVshare has been, for my wife since she’s retired, something for her to do — definitely has kept her busy. It’s been a really good thing for the family; we’ve been together a lot, more so than we were before, because we’re all involved in the set-ups, logistics and tear downs.

Have there been any other unexpected benefits using RVshare?

Charlotte: Clint and I have learned a lot about how to fix trailers, because, as everyone knows, it can be expensive to try to take it in to get it serviced. They’re not that hard to work on.

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