Live Large In This Tiny Mobile Home

Vina Lustado lives in a tiny mobile home that she personally designed. Lustado owns an architectural firm focused on sustainable building, so designing and building her own efficient home made a lot of sense. This elegant, 140 square foot house, offers everything she could want. Her tiny mobile home features a beautiful deck, french doors, skylights, solar panels a wood burning stove, the perfect interior to fit her needs.


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Living in a tiny home has made her mindful of her purchases and her priorities, and makes investing in her business a whole lot easier.


Before Lustado and her crew started planning the home they knew exactly where it would be located. This helped them design the home facing the south, so she would get the most energy from the sun. Since its in an area with lots of great weather, the outdoor deck nearly doubles her living space and allows her to spent plenty of time enjoying the great outdoors. Vina says light and storage are key to making the tiny mobile home work.

The house is off the grid with solar panels and four batteries providing electricity, and a 7-gallon propane tank providing fuel for the fireplace, stove, and hot-water heater. She does pay for water which is fed to the house by a garden hose, and then the grey water is recycled outside to a lemon tree which has taken off since receiving the increased water.

Lustado says her tiny house is her forever home since it’s on wheels and she can with her if she ever wants to move.

What do you think? A tiny house allows you to be flexible and grounded at the same time. Would you want one? Leave your thoughts in the comment box below, then share this great story with your friends! Thanks.

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