Meet the Kellogg Family – Full-Time RV Living With 12 Children

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Baby Coby,
Ellie 3,
Kerry 19,
Grady 16,
Brody 15,
Rowdy 5,
Kenny 12,
Cardy 9,
Maddy 7,
Dally 10,
Emmy 4, and
Kady 14

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Kellogg Family

Not to mention parents Dan and Susie are the members of the Kellogg Family.

Susie and her Husband Dan Kellogg used to live in Glenwood Springs Colorado, up until last spring that is. The Kellogg’s now have a website dedicated to their unusual way of life after they decided to pack it all up and hit the road with their 12 kids.
They say they aren’t sure who came up with the idea to never stop going, but they all loved it and have been doing just that. The Kelloggs have so far clocked 100,000 miles since they first hit the road in their 36 foot motor home.

Kellogg show on the road

In recent weeks, they have been white water rafting in the Ottawa River and gone to the Toronto zoo, they then zipped into Montreal for some French lessons. According to the family, they have been to more than 2 dozen states and counting.


A typical day usually begins with Susie making eggs, bacon and smoothies as Dan, who works as an independent software engineer heads off to make some bread. Susie “road school’s” her children. She teaches them math, reading and writing. The rest of their learning happens on the road.

The pair first met in 1992 when they studied at Virginia tech and before long were hauling their ever expanding family for camping and kayaking. The vehicle is equipped with a full bathroom, kitchen and TV. They now move around as they please.

Their eldest child Kerry, is not on the road anymore but now lives in Colorado working as a raft guide during the summer while Grady and Brody are building an android app.

Raising a Badass family by Susie Kellogg

Susie says she loves her life and amidst the travel and fun, they had time to write a book aptly named, “Raising a bad ass family”. It has practical advise for parents and is a must read for parents who need a kick in the pants. “No rules, no limits, we are completely free to live life. “

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