National Parks Traveler: What You Need to Know

Are you an RVer who loves to explore beautiful natural surroundings? If so, you are going to love the National Parks Traveler website. This helpful resource provides users with insider information on the National Parks around the US.

National Parks Traveler is the brainchild of national park enthusiast Kurt Repanshek. Over the year Repanshek has written for National Geographic Traveler and a host other distinguished publications. His online magazine has been in circulation for about a decade, and while it is not affiliated with the National Parks System, it is an amazing resource that educates the public on the unique landscapes of our nation’s public lands.

national parks traveler

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National Parks Traveler

National Park Traveler is continuously growing in popularity. It has been featured in many news publications, including the Wall Street Journal and the LA Times. It was also included in an official publication distributed by the US State Department.

National Park Traveler is not a static site built around park statistics and trail descriptions, nor is it a simple travelogue. Several contributors, each with their own professional skills, provide information for visitors to enjoy. National Parks Traveler offers readers a unique blend of featured content and news about the national parks of the US.

One of the most useful parts of the site is a section called Essential Guides. In this area, you will find tricks and tips that offer a wide range useful information. Here is where you will learn how to get a campsite during the busy summer months, and how to avoid the crowds at the most popular national parks.


An example of one of the essential guides is the Essential Guide to Paddling the Parks. This 54 page ebook is vital if you are planning a trip to a national park that involves canoeing, kayaking, or rafting. Although the guide is available for free, readers are encouraged to provide a small donation.

Another section of the site that provides useful and unique information is titled, Trails I’ve hiked. Here you will descriptions and personal reviews of hundreds of trails in the national parks around the U.S.

These examples are only a tiny sample of what you will find in the National Park Traveler. If you love national parks, be sure to spend some time to reading through this informative online magazine before you take your next RV trip. 

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