One Man Built a Pop-Up Tent Camper Using Recycled Materials!

Some people are naturals when it comes to making things with their hands. One such person is a man with the user name Avey44 on the website Avey44 shared his skills with the community by posting his amazing homemade pop-up tent camper.

You might be thinking that he needed to use complex or expensive materials, but that wasn’t the case. Avey44 built the entire camper with an old tent, jeans, wood, shoe goo, and other recycled materials he found lying around his workshop. He only had to purchase a few parts from Craig’s List, and necessary tools from Harbor Freight.

In four days, this handy DIYer created something that suited his needs and delighted the community.

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He started out with his original trailer, adding metal frames and wood rails.

A user from Craig’s List gave him a camper shell for free. The quality was bad, so he had to do a bit of fixing.  Using shoe goo and a pair of old pants he created this.

He built a 2×2 and 2×4 horse shoe frame and attached them the bottom of the camper shell. The legs prop up the camper, and the bottom of the trailer is made exclusively with denim jean leg material sewed and shoe goo’d together. 

The sides were created from the old dismantled tent. He stapled on a foam strip to close any open spaces. 

The interior was slowly developing and turning into something nice.

And the outside is just unreal. He even used rubber flashing materials to make the tent waterproof. 

See how nice it looks in travel mode?

Now it is all set to go camping. The wonders of nature awaits this homemade beauty. 

Pretty impressive right? This handy camping enthusiast demonstrates that you don’t need a lot of money to accomplish your dreams. A little ingenuity and some hard work, and you too could have your very own homemade pop-up trailer.

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