Rent An RV and Take An Easy Vacation

Vacation season is approaching. Have you ever wondered what the quickest, easiest and most enjoyable way to spend time as a family is? That’s easy. It’s RVing. Sure, you could rent a hotel room. That is, if you like dragging your bags from one location to another. You could eat out every day racking up a sizeable bill. You could grab a taxi every time you need to go to a new location. OR….you could throw caution to the wind, and rent an RV.

Hotels are impersonal. An RV is a traveling home. Just grab your favorite foods, movies, games and activities. Prepare for fun come rain or shine.

Many people believe that to rent an RV you have to enjoy camping. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. Renting an RV is about traveling with all the amenities. Go outside as little or as much as you want. Stay at RV parks with swimming pools and golf courses or park in the wild. When you rent an RV the choice is up to you.

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Let’s compare spending your vacation in a hotel room compared with staying in an RV. Your first consideration is the location of the hotel. In most cases a hotel will be on a busy highway while an RV can park near the destination you are visiting. You save time and money each day. Traveling a long distance? Why not grab a free overnight parking spot along the way?

Even at a nice resort, a hotel room still feels like a room not a home. An RV is a home on wheels. You can fill it with the things you love and feel comfortable with. No need to worry about dragging things in and out. From the moment you start your trip you have everything you need!

Many hotels limit the amount of people per room. In an RV you can sleep as many people as there are beds. You can even put the kids outside in tents for a little extra privacy!


Feeding a family on vacation is expensive. Renting an RV provides you with an easy to use kitchen available even as you travel. Having your own kitchen means it’s easy to feed your family healthy meals. You can also cater to any food allergy or preference your kids may have. Remember, just because you’re in an RV doesn’t mean that you HAVE to cook. Some vacationers prefer to enjoy breakfast and lunch in their coach while splurging on a nice dinner out. Other RVers prefer to hunt or fish and roast their game over an open fire. Whatever your eating preference, an RV opens a world of possibility.

Do you need a fridge for breast milk or even insulin? When you rent an RV you always have a fridge in the room. A hotel room may or may not provide you with your own fridge. (Even if you ask in advance!)

Renting an RV is a great way to control your vacation expenses. If your budget is tight, just limit your travel and cut back on gas. If money is no object, rent a big rig and crisscross the country. The choice is up to you. Remember, with hotels, your vacation is subject to availability. An RV gives you the freedom to just get up and go!


Here’s another pet peeve about hotels. Vacationers can be loud and rowdy. In an RV you can pick up your stuff and move down the road. In a hotel, you may be stuck in your room for a whole week wishing your neighbors would turn down their TV.

To be honest, renting an RV is not without concerns. First, it’s important to have a qualified driver. There is no special licensed needed to drive a recreational vehicle. It is important that the driver be responsible on the road and have a good sense of depth perception. An RV is likely larger than anything he or she has driven before. Once the driver is comfortable, it’s easy to get in and out of a variety of campgrounds. Worried about driving an RV? Choose a small rig. You will love the flexibility. Small RV’s are great for state parks, lakes and even Walmart parking lots.


Renting an RV is easy if you use these three simple steps:

Step #1: Choose a professional RV dealer. Not all dealers rent units and many charge and arm and leg. Call ahead and compare your options. RVShare is the U.S. largest private rental company for recreational vehicles. They are likely to offer the best price and most choice for your vacation.

Step #2 Ask about insurance. Always buy the provided insurance. Since you are not a full time RV owner, you want to make sure everything is taken care of just in case something should happen.

Step #3 Book ahead. Just like a traditional vacation an RV trip needs to be pre-planned. (Especially during the summer season!) Book your RV in advance. Once you secure your RV, book the campground or RV park. RV vacations are growing in popularity. Book early for the best choices

How To Pick The Right Rental RV:

Step #1 Make sure the RV size fits the location you want to visit. Call the campground and ask what size of RV fits best in the available space. They may say 35 feet and under. If so, be sure the rent the appropriate size RV.

Step #2 Does your location have hookups? If so, be sure to learn how to use the utility hookups on your rented RV before leaving on your trip. If the space does not include hookups, find out how large the water and sewer tank is on your rental RV. You will want to make sure you have the right size rig for the amount of people who plan to stay with you.

Step #3 Are you renting an electric or propane coach? If your coach uses electricity be sure that matches the park you are staying at. If it uses propane, be sure there is a propane filling station near your vacation location.

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