Ramp Up Your Vacation Plans: Rent an RV!

Vacations can be expensive & tricky to arrange. You have to buy your airfare, and your lodging, then add in your restaurant tabs. Don’t forget, activities will be extra and you’ll need to rent a car.

Not into the hassle or financial strain? Rent an RV and leave the stress behind!

Today, a growing number of vacationers are choosing to rent a RV and experience life on the road. What about you?

The Lesko family had been considering traveling to Myrtle Beach, SC for vacation. They looked at all the options including airfare and a beachfront rental house. When all was said and done, the Leskos choose to rent an RV. In a recent article with The Columbus Dispatch, the family says that choose RV rental because, “It’s a pretty laid-back, relaxing way to go, and that’s something we really enjoy.”

The Leskos spent a week at the beach in their rented RV. They enjoyed the experience so much that they are already planning another trip before the kids go back to school.

Renting an RV is a viable vacation option for many families. Not just for cross country trips either. Rental RVs are great for weekend concerts, state parks, or other nearby stay-cations. If you’re concerned about fuel costs, traveling nearby can be a simple way to save money.

Last month, the Becherer family drove from Chattanooga, TN to Columbus, OH to pick up a rental RV. From there they headed to Michigan for a week of exploring and fishing. The Becherers decided to go all in and rent a luxury 24′ Mercedes-Benz class B RV. Rich Becherer loved driving the Mercedes, “It’s a world-class traveling vehicle”, he told the Dispatch.

This high end rental cost them about $400 a day. With it, they were able to drive through the heart of Michigan exploring places they never would have seen on a traditional holiday. The Becherers loved driving the Class B Motorhome because it was easy to park everywhere they went. Ready for a nap? No problem. Simply pull to the side of the road and you are all set!

Heather and Larry Mackey live in Canal Winchester, OH. They decided to rent an RV and spend a week camping in the southwestern part of the state with their two girls.

“We have two daughters, and one daughter wanted to go camping, and the other daughter wanted to go to Kings Island,” says Heather in the interview with The Columbus Dispatch. In the end, “We decided to do both.”

Hoping to save money, they choose a simple travel trailer and towed it behind the family’s pickup. They are not alone. More and more people are choosing to rent travel trailers and use the truck they already have to pull their vacation home. The Mackeys loved the fact that the trailer had two bunks, a full size bed, air conditioning, and a big flat screen TV. Their total cost was a mere $520 for four nights, and because the unit was a bumper pull, it was easy to find places to park.

When renting an RV there are a few additional costs to keep in mind.  First, in addition to your rental fee, you will must plan for the cost of fuel. Second, you will have campground fees. Finally, remember to include your food budget. Camping allows you to make your own meals at home and save on restaurants fees, but you still need to budget for groceries.

Finding a rental RV is as simple as going to RVShare.com and typing in your location and vacation dates. You can choose from a variety of rental options ranging from class A motorhomes to bumper pull travel trailers. The price of rentals will vary, so be sure to spend time looking at all your options.

In the end, many families find renting an RV a simple option for the most enjoyable vacation. Who knows, you might feel the same!

Would you rent an RV for vacation? Where would you go?

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