Retro Camping Just Got A Whole Lot Cooler

Retro camping just got re-invented. Take a 1929 Ford Model A Roadster with wicked green accent wheels and combine it with a 1959 teardrop trailer. Who knew the two would look so great together? The custom paint screams classic, while the neon green wheels say “ready to roll.” The owner even had the engine entirely rebuilt. The teardrop trailer sports an aluminum top, which immediately dictates a second look. This amazing trailer features a sink, cozy bed, gas stove, ice cooler, and sink. They even have a flat-screen TV! Why stay in a hotel when this retro-camping unit has everything you need? Take this classic car anywhere in the U.S., and people will be glad you came.  It is perfect for car shows, parades, county fairs, and enjoying life.


Feeling inspired? You can design your own vintage car/trailer combo. Browse through these photos, and then leave a comment on how you’d like your rig to look.

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