19 RVs That Were Turned Into Boats

RVing + Boating = the ultimate recreational vehicle. 19 RV owners decided they wanted more out of their RV so they turned their RV into a boat. Well all except #5, they just had a little accident.

#1 The Ultimate Redneck Boater Home


Check out the next RV we call it “The Blue House On The Water”…

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#2 The Blue House On The Water


The next RV is an old school RV pontoon…

#3 Old School RV Pontoon


The next RV boat has a hot tub on the roof…

#4 It looks like this has a make shift hot tub on the roof


You have to see the next RV it’s in the water, but it’s not exactly a boat…

#5 Someone Is Getting In Trouble


We call the next RV “The Perfect Day Trip”

#6 The Perfect Day Trip


The next RV is a combination of a truck camper and a raft, you have to see…

#7 The Truck Camper Raft


You definitely want to see the next RV…

#8 Oh NO!!! What Happened To This RV/Boat


The next RV is the “Ultimate Airstream On The Water”

#9 The Ultimate Airstream On The Water


Make sure to check out the next RV…

#10 Can You Imagine A Nice Day Out On The Lake On This


The next RV boat is for the whole family…

#11 The Family Truck Camper


Don’t miss the next RV it’s Popup Time…

#12 It’s Popup Time


The next one is a serious RV boat…

#13 The Serious RV Pontoon Boat


The next RV Boat may be a flash back in time…

#14 A Flash Back In Time


The next picture is absolutely “Beautiful”

#15 What A Beautiful View (I want to be there right now)


The next RV has a nice little rooftop oasis…

#16 The Rooftop Oasis


Check out the next pic. The dogs along for the ride…

#17 Along For The Ride


The next RV is swimming with the dolphins…

#18 Swimming With The Dolphins


The next RV is last but not least. You need to see it…

#19 You Can Drive This RV From Land Straight Into The Water


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