How to Revive your Love for RVing

Remember the first time you ever had chocolate cake? Or lasagne? Or *insert your very favorite food in the whole wide world here*?

Maybe you were just a kid, sitting at your family’s dinner table. Maybe you even resisted trying the stuff at first, assuring mom you weren’t going to like it.

But then you took a taste. And whether or not it meant admitting mom was right, it didn’t matter. Love at first bite conquered all.

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For many travelers, RVing is a lot like that. You might be used to tent camping car trips or traveling by plane. For all the convenience RVs offer, they do come with a few potential drawbacks that can scare off newbies, whether it’s the intimidation factor of driving a vehicle that size or the significant chunk of change it takes to fill that big ‘ol gas tank. (Psst: many of those new-to-RVing rumors are just that — rumors. Click here to learn more about some of the biggest urban legends about renting and operating an RV, and how much safer and easier it is than you might expect.)

And then, you get behind the wheel of your first travel trailer or motorhome… and the rest was history. You were in love.

But no matter how passionately devoted you are, too much of a good thing can leave us feeling a little sick of it. It’s true of chocolate cake — and yes, even of RV living.

There is good news, however: RVing is all about creating a custom travel experience, which means endless opportunities for new adventures… and endless opportunities for rekindling that old flame.

Rekindling Your Lost RV Love

If you’ve been feeling a little bit less than amped about RVing lately, that’s okay. We all need a break every once in a while, even from the best things in life. (Please see: chocolate cake.)

But if you’re hoping to reify your love for the RV lifestyle, you’re in luck. Because here at RVshare, we’re utterly obsessed with this special way to travel… and we’ve got lots of ideas to help you remember why you fell in love with it in the first place, too.

Create Amazing Travel Memories

Ready to recall why you decided camping was the best thing ever?

Here are some ways to create amazing new travel memories, even when you’re feeling a little bit burnt out.

Try out a new destination…

Listen. Even if you’re the most seasoned RVer on the planet, chances are you still have a whole lot of it left to explore. We live in a big, beautiful world, and even if you try your hardest, there’s just no way to see all of it.

That fact can be overwhelming… but it’s also an amazing opportunity, especially if your wanderlust has waned a bit as of late. Simply getting out your trusty Rand McNally Road Atlas and poring over potential destination options can rekindle the spark, even in the most burnt-out of travelers!

… Or even just a new park!

Maybe you’re the type who has a favorite destination — or three — and you simply don’t want to vacation anywhere else. We get that! But if you’ve been feeling less than enthusiastic about your yearly trip, it might be time to at least try out a different RV park.

There are so many different kinds of RV campgrounds to choose from, ranging from nuts-and-bolts public camping options to private resort-style parks with tons of bells and whistles. For example, if you’re traveling with kids, we highly recommend you check and see if there’s a Jellystone Park near your favorite vacation stop. It’s a franchise of family-owned resorts that know what they’re doing when it comes to creating all-inclusive family fun. With jumping pillows, swimming pools, themed activities, and more, a stay at Jellystone will make for a totally novel vacation experience even if you’ve already been to the area. (Heck, with their rotating calendar of events, a new experience even if you’ve already been to a Jellystone!)

Use RVing to cultivate a cool new hobby.

You already know how RV camping can unlock the world. But it can also unlock a host of new activities and hobbies.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to try rock climbing, but you live in the Florida flatlands. Or maybe that camera of yours is collecting dust in the corner, just waiting to capture some amazing wildlife or landscape shots.

Either way, RVing can be a great way to get out and explore both the world itself and the many different ways we humans have come up with to engage in it. Try organizing your next camping trip around a specific activity or pursuit, and see how quickly you fall back in love with RVing!

Psst: looking for some more inspiration on finding new things to see and do with your rig as home base? Check out the following RVshare blog posts:

Get into the DIY lifestyle.

From simple fixes, like changing a tire, which you may carry over from regular automotive maintenance, to slightly more in-depth adventures like learning how to replace your RV’s HVAC system, there’s always some new skill to discover and develop when you’re RVing. Along with basic upkeep and replacements, you’ll also find out how rewarding it is to be in charge of managing the basic needs of your mobile household. (Yes, even tending to the wastewater tanks can feel like a pretty cool accomplishment, especially when you’re used to a traditional sticks-and-bricks situation of simply flushing and forgetting!)

If you really want to go crazy, you could consider taking on an ambitious RV renovation. Not only will you learn or hone useful life skills surrounding construction and interior decoration, but you’ll also wind up with a fresh, new-looking RV… a transformation which can do wonders to rekindle your love of travel in its own right!

Update your decorations.

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If a full-scale interior remodel isn’t in the cards (or the budget), you can still use the simple, human appreciation of shiny newness to stir up your old love of RVing. In many cases, it’s as simple as purchasing some new throw pillows, scented candles, or a fresh set of matching towels for your RV bathroom. You might be surprised how much a little bit of redecoration can renovate your rig’s interior… and your spirits.

Make some new friends — or bring some old ones along for the ride!

If there’s one thing we’ve said time and time again, it’s that it’s not really about where you’re headed, so much as who you’re going with. And thanks to its combination of living space and privacy, RVing is a great way to make travel into even more of a social activity.

For one thing, if you’re bringing your family along, you’ll all be able to rest easy — with all that space to spread out in, you won’t have to worry about getting claustrophobic and cranky, or fielding an endless chorus of are we there yet? (We’ve even got some additional tips for helping everyone feel like they’ve got their own little slice of privacy, even if you’re traveling with a big brood!)

And if you’re traveling solo or as part of a smaller party, that’s cool, too… especially since RV parks are filled with brand new friends you haven’t met yet. Travelers tend to be scrappy, industrious, helpful, funny, and friendly — all characteristics high on our lists of favorite human qualities. So don’t be afraid to knock on your neighbor’s RV door and invite them over for fresh s’mores and stories over the campfire. Chances are you’ll end up fast friends, trading epic travel stories from the get-go. Who knows? You might even make some friends who are ready to take on the next destination by your side!

Finally, don’t forget that you probably already have a whole host of people in your life who would love the opportunity to reconnect or grow closer over an amazing road trip. Family vacations are fun and romantic getaways are wonderful, but never underestimate the power of a girls’ (or boys’) trip. After all, aren’t you way past due for a reunion? Here are some tips to make RV traveling with friends less stressful and more successful.

RV Life: Yes, It’s That Awesome

What with all the planning, logistics, and upkeep that goes into the RV lifestyle, it can be easy to forget why you fell in love with it.

Good thing we’re here to remind you, right?

Remember: RVing can be an awesome way to live minimally.

One of the main things that draws many new travelers to the RV lifestyle specifically is its amazing ability to help you reorganize and refocus your life. After all, when you only have a few hundred square feet to work with, you have to get pretty choosy about how you’re going to fill them!

Full time RV living in particular can promote an accessible way to live a low-impact, minimalistic lifestyle — one in which you’re more focused on enjoying new experiences than buying new things. (Which is good for both your wallet and your wellbeing: science suggests we’re actually happier when we spend money on experiences rather than material goods.)

That “wallet” part is of no small consequence, either; when done right, the cost of RV living can steeply undercut the costs associated with the traditional American lifestyle. Even with the cost of gas and campsite accommodation fees, if you decide to live full time in your RV, chances are you’ll be paying less than you would for your mortgage — all while having the opportunity to change the scenery outside your kitchen window as often as you want to.

One of the best parts about RVing full time is that it puts your living expenses more firmly into your control. Because, yes, you could totally drain your bank account on gassing up a Class A motorhome to drive to far-off destinations… but you can just as easily decide to stay in one place for a while, nullifying that expense. You also have flexibility in what kind of campground you choose to stay in, from low-cost public camping options to all-inclusive resorts that might run you the equivalent of a month’s rent in a mid-sized city. But, again, it’s all up to you and your individual budget and needs — as opposed to a stationary house, whose expenses won’t change just because your income did.

By the way, a great way to save money on the road for recreational campers and full-time RVers alike is to purchase a Passport America membership. For less than $50 per year, you’ll get a full 50% off your campsite accommodation fees at almost 1900 campgrounds across the country, including select locations in Mexico and Canada. These are the kinds of places with swimming pools and clubhouses, where you might pay as much as $75 or more per night. With costs like that, your membership will pay for itself in a single weekend — and introduce you to a ton of amazing new places to stay, besides!

If you’re looking to maximize your experience while minimizing your impact on the planet and your budget, we’ve written some excellent posts to help you get started, covering everything from how to avoid food waste to how to save — and even make — money while you’re on the road. Here are a few quick reads to look over:

Check out these full-time RVers’ blogs and vlogs for inspiration.

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If you are planning to take the plunge from being a weekend RV warrior to living in one full time, you’ve got a whole lot to think about — from how to fit all your stuff into a motorhome (hint: sell lots of it) to deciding which is the best RV to live in.

As with any major lifestyle change, there will be an adjustment period, and you can count on some growing pains, too. But being as prepared as possible ahead of time can help you achieve your full-timing dreams with a minimum of the not-so-fun stuff. And the very best people to help you prepare for the big change… are the ones who’ve already done it.

Check out these amazing full-timer YouTube channels for some serious inspiration. And if you’re in the shopping phase of building your mobile life, don’t forget: the very best way to learn which kind of RV is right for you is to try out as many of them as possible. We’ve written about questions to ask while RV shopping, as well as what to look for in a used RV — but our very best suggestion is to attend as many RV shows and events as you can, since they allow you to walk through so many different styles and kinds of RVs at a minimum level of effort. Here’s our archive of RV shows and events by state, so you can see what’s coming up in your area.

RV Rentals Can Help Ignite the Spark

What kind of RV rental company would we be if we didn’t acknowledge the awesome potential of trying before you buy — or renting out your rig to others, for that matter?

Although we may be a little biased, we’re pretty confident that RV rentals, particularly through the peer-to-peer market, can help you recapture that love of travel that led you here in the first place. Here’s how and why.

Try a different kind of recreational vehicle.

Maybe you’re a die-hard motorhome fan who loves the ease and convenience of simply packing up, sticking the key in the ignition, and heading down the road to your next destination.

Or maybe all your RV travel so far has been done from the flexible comfort of a travel trailer, which gives you an automatic, in-built auxiliary vehicle with which to explore your destination(s).

Maybe you’re a solo adventurer who’s always wanted to see how you’d fare in a teeny-tiny sleeper van. Or maybe you started out in the RV lifestyle by purchasing a low-cost rig like a fold-out camper, and you’re ready to see what life is like inside one of those great, big luxury RVs.

Maybe you’re just longing to see what all the fuss is about when it comes to specific brands of RVs with cult followings, like Airstreams or Casitas.

No matter which is closest to your situation, RV rentals are a great solution. Because they allow you to try out not only a specific vehicle, but the specific type of camping lifestyle that vehicle comes with, before you commit to a huge purchase.

Although many traditional dealerships only offer one or two types of RVs (usually Class A and Class C motorhomes), the peer-to-peer market isn’t limited by type. RV owners list rigs of all shapes, classes, models, and sizes on our site, which means you have the opportunity to experience many different kinds of camping at affordable prices.

So if you’ve been feeling burnt out on your normal approach to RV camping, try a different vehicle on for size. It might just change the way your trip unfolds entirely — which, in turn, may bring back that novelty and excitement you felt the very first time you camped.

Meet other travelers like you by renting through the peer-to-peer market.

Along with offering a diversity of RVs that traditional rental agencies can’t emulate, the peer-to-peer RV rental market also offers another unique perk: the “peer” part! Renting from real people — people who have similar interests and goals to your own — is a great way to make new contacts in the travel community.

Many RVshare renters report forging lasting friendships by using the platform, even creating travel plans with brand-new companions eager to seek out just as many exciting destinations as you are. And even if you don’t become best friends, it’s still way more comfortable to chat with a real, live person than an automated messaging system or faceless customer service team. Plus, the RV itself is likely to be a whole lot homier… given that somebody actually uses it as their home away from home at times. Try to find cozy little touches in the rental rigs on a big dealership floor!

If you’ve never rented an RV before and have reservations, we totally understand — but rest assured, RVshare makes the whole process totally worry-free and easy. From finding the perfect rental in your area to pain-free payments to keeping you covered with comprehensive insurance and 24/7 roadside assistance, the secure RVshare platform keeps the entire transaction safe and simple. The only thing you will have to worry about is where you’ll go first — and luckily, we’ve got some help for you on that front, too.

Start your very own RV rental business to fuel your travel fire!

If you already own an RV of your own and have been feeling less like getting out there and seeing the world, you could always use your rig for another important purpose: earning back some of the cash you spent on it in order to fuel your own adventures later on, when your wanderlust comes back. Renting your RV through RVshare is a great way to help pay off the vehicle or offset its gradual depreciation, and you can use the profits to create a travel fund or even just help pay day-to-day bills.

Of course, even if you’re feeling not-so-stoked about travel in the moment, it can be a difficult task indeed to hand over the keys to a perfect stranger. That’s why RVshare implements a unique and comprehensive user rating system, so both renters and rentees have a lot of information about who they’ll be dealing with well before they’re actually dealing.

Furthermore, when you rent your rig on RVshare, you’re always in total control of who gets to drive it off into the sunset. You can set age restrictions, decide whether pets are allowed, and more, all while going through the user-friendly process of listing creation. We even offer one-on-one support and training to help you get started. Click here to learn more about the listing process today!

We’ve also created a ton of great resources to help RV owners who are renting their rigs make the very most of the opportunity. Here are some articles to check out to help ensure your renters will be left satisfied and smiling — and that your RV rental business will become much more than a small income stream. (Hint: our best-performing owners report earning as much as $365 per day. That’s definitely more than I made at my last full-time job!)

Although we can get burnt out on even the best parts of life, the things that are most important to us will always be there to return to once we’re out of our funk. RVing is like that, too. You might get sick of moving around for a while and just want to stay in one place, to not have to worry about re-acclimating to a new city, to know for a fact where the best pizza restaurant is.

But sure enough, later on down the road, the travel bug will come back and bite you even harder. We natural globetrotters can only stay in place for so long. And when it does, your trusty rig will still be there, ready to take on the road and the world.

So we hope this post inspires you to get out there and rediscover why you fell in love with RVing in the first place! This big, beautiful planet of ours is out there waiting to be seen, and your motorhome or travel trailer is waiting to help you see it. Not even the best piece of chocolate cake or lasagne in the world can do that. (Sorry, mom.)

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