RV Storage Compartment Locks – Read This Before Buying One

Nothing sucks the joy out of a good time faster than finding your RV has been broken into. This is becoming more common as RVs acquire more and more high-end gadgets and gizmos.

Rv storage compartments

Factory-installed doors and locks are not a safe way to keep your valuables locked up. Master keys make it so that salesmen do not have to walk around carrying a big set of keys, but imagine if someone got a hold of this key! Making a standard lock is also easier for the manufacturer, as they do not have to come up with numerous door combinations.

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Your RV is therefore not unique. Have you heard about the CH751 set?

Chances are that this is the number on your RV storage compartment locks key. You can easily “borrow” stuff from your neighbor’s storage compartment using this key. Or he may be looking to borrow some things while you are away.

Changing locks is very easy. To re-key a door, remove the latch and take it to a locksmith. Removing the door latch involves unscrewing four screws from the flange of the latch, and two from the striker plate. It will literally fall out after you have done this. Re-keying your doors ensures that you have the only set.

RV storage compartment  locks are simpler to replace than to re-key.

combination lock

You can modify your storage door locks with combination cam locks, or a tubular cam lock. The tubular cam lock is more secure than the standard lock. The lock will simply slide out of place when you unscrew the nut holding it into place.

Keep out thieves and nosy neighbors looking for an easy score with these simple mods.

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