Find The Best RV Tire Covers & Motorhome Wheel Covers


Find The Best RV Tire Covers & Motorhome Wheel Covers

Your motorhome’s wheels are what get you from A to B, but unlike other features, they’re sometimes overlooked when it comes to storage and protection. We’ll tell you why it’s important to cover your RV’s tires when not in use to both prolong their life and prevent damage. Read on for some tips regarding motorhome tire covers.

RV Wheel Covers

RV tire covers come in a variety of materials. RV wheel covers in vinyl are perhaps some of the most common materials. You can also find covers in heavy canvas fabric or hard shell cases made out of aluminum. That material you choose should be easy to use and store when not in use.

When shopping for particular brands such as ADCO tire covers, just make sure you’re purchasing a material that is UV resistant. This will ensure that the sun’s damaging rays are not beating down on your RV’s wheels, causing damage over time. Of course, covers also prevent them from becoming dirty when in storage or possibly punctured if they’re being kept in an area such as a garage which might be full of activity nearby.


As you know, sizes vary across motorhomes. What fits on your Class A won’t likely work for your friend’s campervan. As such, you’ll have to be smart when shopping for RV tire covers. Tire covers for RV come in various sizes, perhaps the most common of which coincides with your tire size. RV wheel covers 22.5 can be purchased online in various materials. Be sure to check your sizing before ordering as a cover too small won’t work. That said, it’s often not a bad idea to size up if you aren’t sure something will fit. A loose wheel cover is better than none.

Some RV wheel covers are designed to cover a set of tires at a time, meaning two tires next to each other. This would require even more special attention to sizing, spacing, etc for this situation. Mostly, tire covers are individual.


Not all tire covers are created equal. Some RV wheel covers will zip closed while others will simply rest over the tire. Still, others will close with a cinch, which is perhaps the easiest method. Some ADCO RV tire covers secure with bungees and grommets. Make sure you’re looking for covers that you will easily be able to secure. When it comes to hard shell covers made out of aluminum or plastic, you’ll want to make sure the snapping and locking mechanism is not prone to wear over time.

Color and Design

You’ve probably seen spare tire covers featuring sports logos or fun sayings. While that’s not usually the case with RV tire covers, you will still be faced with choices for colors. RV wheel covers in black should be specifically designed to reflect UV light and protect the tires. You might also find lighter colored canvas covers and cream, tan or grey. Keep in mind these covers will likely get dirty just doing their job, so a darker color will hide stains.

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