How to Choose an RV Tow Vehicle -­ Read This First!

The enormous size of most RVs is at once their greatest asset and their greatest drawback. Many traveler find themselves wishing they had a smaller vehicle with which to park or run errands while on vacation in their massive motorhome.

Luckily, it’s that enormous size that allows an RV to tow its own replacement. It’s relatively easy to add an RV tow vehicle — often referred to as a Toad or a Dinghy.


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Whether you’re considering renting an RV tow car for an upcoming trip, or basing a vehicle purchase on its capability to be towed, you may find yourself asking how to choose an RV tow vehicle. The answer is depends primarily on your lifestyle and your RV model.

Size of the Vehicle

If you have a family, whether large or small, you’ll want to travel with an RV tow vehicle that can accommodate them.

If you’re traveling alone, or as a couple, you might favor a smaller, sportier vehicle. The lighter weight will help out on fuel efficiency, and it may be a nice break to maneuver in such a manageable car after so much time spent behind the wheel of an RV.

Running Errands, or Going Off-Road?

Another important factor in your choice will be how you plan on using the RV tow vehicle on your trips. Some may simply use it to run errands and go sightseeing. Others who use the tow vehicle to off-road their way into hard-to-reach places, should seek a vehicle with four-wheel drive to accommodate such adventures.

Tow Behind Methods

There are two primary methods to tow a car behind your RV — the first using a tow dolly, and the second simply by towing a vehicle four-down (with all wheels on the ground). The former method requires you to invest some money into a tow dolly, but significantly broadens the types of vehicles you can tow using your RV.

Flat towing, on the other hand, will require a tow bar — significantly cheaper and more manageable than a full dolly — but limits your options, as many cars will be damaged by any attempt to tow them four-down.

Online Resources

To find the best RV tow vehicle in your price range, you’ll want to look at one of many online lists that profile which cars can be towed without a tow dolly. If you already own a car you hope to tow, check with the manufacturer to see if it can be towed behind your RV without a dolly. If not, it may be time to invest in one. offers one of the more extensive lists of cars that can be towed with their wheels flat on the road, reissued with updates each year. Review the vehicles that fit your towing needs and find your best RV tow vehicle accordingly.

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