14 Reasons Why You Should Take an RV Trip At Least Once In Your Lifetime

If you aren’t a regular RVer, taking an oversize vehicle on an a road trip might not sound like an enjoyable prospect. Some people might shy away from the idea, simply on the basis that it sounds difficult, and maybe even scary.

But you shouldn’t dismiss what could be the the trip of lifetime, just because it’s something you haven’t done before. There are a ton of reasons why you should experience an RV trip at least once in your life time. Thousands of passionate RVers around the world would agree.

If you’re on the fence, here are 14 reasons why you should take an RV trip at least once in your lifetime.

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1. Go Anywhere!

Imagine leaving everything behind and visiting anywhere you want. It doesn’t matter if those places are by the sea, near mountain peaks, in the desert or deep in the heart of the biggest cities. Campgrounds can be found everywhere and an RV will get you there.

2. Bring Along the Family, Your Friends, Even the Dog

Depending on the size of your RV, anyone can tag along. Friends, family and life-partners are always welcomed. You can even bring your favorite furry friend.

3. Sleep in Your Own Bed

No matter where you go, you will always sleep in the comfort of your own bed. No need to worry about bed-bug, rodents, dirt, stains or other problems that people encounter when they enter a unknown hotel room.

4. Nature Right Outside Your Door

Camping an RV allows you to immerse yourself in nature. Find a wooded campground, tuck yourself in the trees, and enjoy the serenity and solitude.

5. Your Own Kitchen

When you go on an RV trip, you can choose if you want to cook your own meals, or visit every fast-food in every town. But with your own portable kitchen, I suggest you aim for something healthy and juicy. You can also bring your favorite food. That’s the beauty of having a refrigerator inside your RV. Feel like home with a nice cooked meal from your loved one, or just bake some vegetables for a quick snack.

6. Visit the Relatives

How long has it been since you’ve last visited your relatives? Well now you can plan a trip to visit each and every one of them without even having to use their guest room. You can drop by for dinner and sleep in your RV. Now that is the kind of house guest anyone would want.

7. Rest Stops

Another plus is that you can stop anywhere you like on the way. If you want to admire a nice view, have a snack or just take a nap on the side of the road, you can do that anytime you please.

8. Meet New People

If you are scared of going alone, you can always take a vacation as part of a caravan of other RVers. This way you will learn a lot of things and if anything goes wrong there is always someone by your side.

9. Variety is the Spice of Life

You will have the opportunity to visit busy cities and remote natural destination all in the span of one road trip.

10. Free Overnight Camping

Have you ever visited a casino? Well then you should try it on your RV trip. A lot of casinos offer free camping on their lots. Wouldn’t it be great to make a few extra bucks why you enjoy your trip? If you are not a fan of gambling, then your local WalMart can take you in. They often let RVers camp in their parking lots overnight. The best thing you could do is buy some ingredients from them to cook yourself some breakfast.

11. No Need to Buy Your Own RV

Now maybe all this didn’t change your mind and you don’t want to buy an RV. Well the truth is, you actually don’t have to. You can rent an RV from numerous dealerships or owners within your country. Or maybe you have a friend who can lend you one, or maybe a relative, or maybe even a friend of a friend. RVs are very common these days and who knows who might help you out.



12. Family Time

Going RVing is a great way to bond with your family. There’s nothing like a good RV trip to keep you and your family relaxed and friendly.

13. Plenty of Space

When RVing, you will have a lot of room for extra baggage and it won’t cost you anything at all. Bring along your bike, your laptop, your favorite TV, and even your favorite bed.

14. Be Spontaneous!

You can be spontaneous. If you feel like driving off into the sunset you can do just that. You don’t have to worry about a destination, a camping spot, or a nice restaurant to ease your hunger, since there are plenty along the way. To begin your RV trip, simply start your engine and go where your heart desires.

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