Top 4 Reasons Why RVing in Texas Rocks

Any of y’all tried RVing in Texas? If you haven’t seen any part of the Lone Star State yet, don’t worry, we’ll get you there — today! But seriously, how come you haven’t traveled to Texas yet? You’re missing out on the heavenly barbecue dishes and the ever popular Tex-Mex? What about your dream visit to the rodeo?

Wait until you hear the four best reasons why RVing in Texas rocks. Then let’s see if you can still resist Texas. Yee-haw!

1. For the Love of Food

From chips and salsa, to a roll of the magical burrito. And oh…can you smell that? That’s the scent of authentic Texas BBQ wafting through the air. After a long drive along iconic Route 66, you must stop by at the Big Texan Steak Ranch and finish off their 72 oz. challenge. Knock it off in an hour without getting sick and you’ll get the 4 and a half pounds of steak for FREE!

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2. Warm & Friendly People

Texas is derived from the word ‘Tejas’ which means ‘friends’ or ‘allies’. That pretty much sums up the aura of the Texan community. RVing in Texas rocks because you get to tag along with the friendliest people in the US — Native Texans! They are the ones that make you clap your hands in the air and tap your shoes on the ground from joy. Are you feeling lost? Ask any Texan for directions and they’ll draw you a map, and then call you to make sure you made it. That’s the way they are!

3. The Grand History and Culture of Texas

Texas played a major role in American history. Large Spanish and Mexican troops had no match to the Texan patriots. That is why we now get to call Texas free! RVing in Texas wouldn’t be complete without a trip to The Alamo. It’s the most popular site in the state with over 2.5 million visitors each year. And the best part is….you can get this tour for a cheap price of ZERO dollars!

4. Who Doesn’t Want to go Camping in a BIG BIG BIG Land?

Texas is the second largest state in America by land next to Alaska. This giant stretch of land has a total area of 268,820 square miles! We know you’ll enjoy the big cities of Texas such Houston, Dallas, and Austin. But don’t forget to only spend a day or two on roaming around downtown. Invest the rest of your time exploring the countryside. One’s gotta experience the southwest living even once in their life.

You badly need to visit Texas today! Pull on those ole’ cowboy boots and get on the road. Remember, there’s a variety of Tex-Mex food waiting for you in a huge state where all the patriots live.

I know y’all got your own quirky ideas about Texas. What’s your favorite thing about the Lone Star State? Let us know in the comments below.

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