Quiz: Who Should You Bring Along on Your Next RV Trip?

Ready to plan your next adventure?

As much fun as it is to pick a destination, mode of travel (hint: we vote RVing!), and daydream about all the activities you’ll do once you get there, it’s also important to consider who else is coming along for the ride. After all, having the right travel buddy can make or break even the most epic adventure… even if that travel buddy is you!

So in this post, we’ll help you figure out who’s the right companion for your next camping trip: your family? A group of friends? Fido? Or maybe you’re ready to tackle the open road all by yourself! After our quick and fun quiz, we’ll give you some tips for taking the vacation of your dreams, regardless of who you decide (or don’t decide) to share it with.

Who Should You Invite on Your Next Camping Trip?

Start by taking this breezy little quiz, which will illuminate what kind of travel scenario will best suit you. Once you have your answers, we’ll tell you how to make the trip even better!

Ready? Here we go!

1. It’s Friday night! Are you:

  • A) Hanging out with your besties, grabbing dinner and seeing a movie?
  • B) Snug as a bug at home with your SO, cuddling in front of your latest Netflix binge?
  • C) Dancing the night away at a nightclub — or devouring a book at your favorite coffee shop, but either way, on your own?
  • D) Taking a quick jog after work with your best four-legged friend before settling in for a quiet dinner?

2. Hey baby — what’s your sign?

  • A) Saggitarius (November 22- December 21), Pisces (February 19- March 20), or Libra (September 23- October 22)
  • B) Taurus (April 20 – May 20), Aries (March 21 – April 19), or Cancer (June 21 – July 22)
  • C) Virgo (August 23- September 22), Leo (July 23- August 22), or Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)
  • D) Gemini (May 21 – June 20), Scorpio (October 23 – November 21), or Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

3. What’s your dream destination?

  • A) Coastal Florida or California: a serene beach by day, and a big party by night!
  • B) A theme park with spills and thrills, or a fun (yet educational) historic destination.
  • C) A quiet campsite up in the mountains with great stargazing and lots of hiking trails.
  • D) A funky little town with lots of dog-friendly restaurants with outdoor seating.

4. Which national park is your fave?

  • A) Arches — those photos just can’t be beat!
  • B) Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon. Sure, they’re crowded, but classics for a reason!
  • C) Come to think of it, you’ve actually had more fun at national monuments and other nature reserves that aren’t so well-trafficked, like Natural Bridges, Tent Rocks, or even one of the nation’s historic battlefields.
  • D) Acadia, Cuyahoga Valley, Great Sand Dunes… in general, any of the ones that don’t scoff at Spot!

5. What’s your rig of choice?

  • A) A luxurious Class A diesel pusher with room to sleep up to eight adults… especially if some of those adults don’t mind getting cozy, which you and your besties don’t.
  • B) A modest (yet comfy!) Class C motorhome, with all the creature comforts you can want and that oh-so-perfect overhead sleeping space for your older child or teenager
  • C) You’re all about agility, so the smaller, the better: be it a fancy sleeper van or a converted VW, as long as you can get down those quiet mountain roads, you’re in business
  • D) A fold-out camper or small travel trailer gives you room to roam while also offering ease and affordability!

Now, review your answers and count up how many you got of each letter. Then, check out the corresponding section below to plan your epic camping adventure!

Mostly As: Vacation with Friends!

You’re the type who knows that every experience is better when you’re surrounded by your #squad — so why not bring them along for your upcoming camping trip? When you rent a large Class A RV (or even a fifth wheel travel trailer, which you can find through our unique peer-to-peer market), you’ll have plenty of room to make sure everyone gets their beauty sleep… and a fully functional kitchen so you can keep your brunch date on Sunday mornings.

Vacationing with friends is a great way to connect over exploring a new destination or revisiting one that you all share a common connection to. (Did someone say high school reunion?) If your group is really big, or you place special value on your privacy, you could event rent multiple rigs and caravan together. Comfort, company, and solitude — truly the best of everything!

For tips and tricks to make your girls’ or boys’ trip that much better, check out this RVshare post, which will help keep the drama at bay. And chances are at least one of you will be performing grillmaster duties… so make sure he or she knows our best BBQ tips to make your camper or caravan the hot spot of the campground.

Mostly Bs: Family Vacation!

Friends are fun to be around, but family is forever. Fortunately, RVing is just about custom-made for this kind of trip; some of the very best family vacations we’ve ever taken were in our motorhomes and travel trailers!

We’ve written tons of content to help you organize an unforgettable family adventure, no matter how big or small your family might be. Check out the following RVshare posts to get started:

Mostly Cs: Solo Travel (and Solo Travel Groups)!

Some may think taking a vacation alone sounds like a drag. We think those people haven’t given solo vacations a real chance — especially considering the plethora of travel groups that mean solo RVing is anything but lonely!

Whether you strike out truly alone and just choose your favorite destination or you meet up with a caravaning group you found through a club like Escapees or on Meetup, the independence you’ll feel on a solo trip will quickly change your mind if you think it’s going to be boring or lonely. Many solo travelers find themselves surrounded by new friends since they aren’t shielded from interacting with strangers by traveling with a built-in comfort zone. And even if you do spend the entire time actually alone, chances are you’ll learn something new about yourself, your destination, and what you really want out of your experiences. (Plus, you’ll never have to argue about which activity to tackle or when to go to bed. You can literally do whatever you feel like!)

Solo traveling is an art as well as a skill, and we’ve written plenty of content to help get you started if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed at the prospect. Here are some posts to check out:

Mostly Ds: Dog-Friendly Vacations

Sure, the people in your life are important to you… but if you’re being real, your connection to your four-legged friend trips any of the relationships you have with bipeds. If so, you’re in luck: RVshare offers dog-friendly rentals, which you can easily filter for when searching for your dream rig!

RVing is basically custom-made for pet-friendly travel: you and your faithful friend will have more room to stretch out all six of your legs, and many of the best RVing destinations are deep out in nature where it’s lots of fun to go exploring with your trusty sidekick. For more information on making the trip more comfortable for you and your pal, check out these RVshare blog posts:

No matter where the road takes you and who goes with you for the trip, RVshare is your one-stop shop for finding affordable, comfortable, well-kept rental RVs — each of which is backed with A-rated insurance coverage for the entirety of your rental period. In other words, you won’t have anything to worry about except, well, where you’re going… and, if you do bring along a travel companion or three, how to decide which of your many to-dos take precedence.


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