It’s Never Too Late to Turn Your Life into the Ultimate Road Trip

Elayne and Martyn Arnold purchased a home in Arizona in 2005.  Three years later the economy crashed and they were in deep financial problems.

In 2011, feeling exhausted and discouraged, Elayne thought, Why not give the bank the house and buy an RV?

Martyn was a computer consultant who worked remotely, and she did transcription work from home, so they could easily pack everything up and hit the road and keep their jobs.

As she sat there contemplating the ultimate road trip,  Martyn walked in and she shared her idea. To her delight he replied, “I was just thinking the same thing!”

That was the beginning of their new stress free life.

The change didn’t happen overnight. The couple had to sell all their possessions and go through the foreclosure process with the bank. Once everything was sold and signed, they bought an old model RV trailer and moved in!

Suddenly, all the stress that had been bringing us down started to lift. It was a huge relief to know we weren’t shackled to the house anymore and didn’t owe the bank anything.

The feeling of freedom was even better than they imagined. The Arnolds are now in northern Arizona, and plan to go back to Spring Valley, Arizona in the summer to visit their old friends. They spend their days hiking and meeting new people, and also get to sit outside while they work on their laptops.

We spend our money very differently now and have more of it. We constantly meet new people and have formed strong attachments to some who we run into again and again on our travels. We both love to travel and are pretty social so every day is a wonderful adventure

They will be exploring the Tucson area soon, and come next summer plan to go on a road trip to Oregon to visit their daughter. After that they will follow the falling leaves and head to New Jersey to see Martyn’s parents.

Our current lifestyle fulfills us more than our former one ever could. I read a quote by Jim Collins which stated that our “undisciplined pursuit of more” is and will be the undoing of our age. I guess we have disciplined ourselves to be content with less and couldn’t be happier.

What do you think of a life on the road? Would you have the courage to let go of your possessions and live an unshackled life?

What do you think?