A Uniquely Modern 1940s Style Teardrop Camper

This teardrop camper may look vintage, but was actually built in 2013. The vintage style teardrop camper took 6 years to build, but sadly failed to sell at an auction.

Probably because it had a starting bid of $9,999.


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This vintage style teardrop camper is completely custom made. The body is constructed of 1- inch birch wood built on a custom frame. The inside is cozy and stylish.

The bedroom has a 6-foot foam mattress. And vintage twist windows reminiscent of an old model Airstream.

Inside the kitchen you will find a custom Coleman stove and 12 volt lighting.

The sink is connected to a 3 gallon tank with heater.

The undercarriage of the teardrop camper looks just as nice as the rest of it. Two batteries are housed on a military grade box on the hitch.

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