Introducing ‘Polky’ – A Vintage 1948 Shasta Aljoa Trailer

The Aljoa Trailer had a ‘canned ham’ shape similar to vintage trailers of that era. The Aljoa Company began making trailers in 1945, but after being sued by the Alcoa Aluminum Company for copyright infringement in 1950, they changed the name to Aljoa in 1957.

Meet Polky, a well cared for vintage 1948 Aljoa. She is 12 feet long, and was recently sold on eBay for $2,600. 


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According to the owner’s description of Polky,

She’s a long way from perfection, call it character. You probably have some flaws too, maybe you can relate.  Paint is crappy, it is a very old wood-framed trailer that was originally nailed together.

Character is a nice way to she has plenty of dents, dings, leaks, scars and holes, but what else would you expect from a trailer that is half a century old?
Polky is tow ready and all the lights work. The trailer is very light and has no brakes, but it does have a 2 inch hitch and “flat 4” wire connector.

This beautiful old lady is pink and covered in white polka dots, hence her nickname ‘Polky.’

The 1948 shasta Aljoa trailer comes with a brand new hot plate, coffee pot, wall hangers and curtains. Also included… a photo of Aurdrey Hepburn who looks right at home in this vintage trailer.

The bedroom looks absolutely cozy, though the owner readily admits that she leaks.

Glitter, black garage floor paint, sparkles and star bursts, all covered with an industrial clear coat, makes for a floor fit for a dance party.

We love this cute 1948 Shasta Aljoa Trailer. What do you think?

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What do you think?