You Are Going To Love These Vintage Trailers

Lovers of all things vintage rejoice — this article is for you. If as a child you dreamed of the ultimate playhouse then you are going to love these vintage trailers. Refurbished in New Zealand, the Love Vintage Caravans company takes pride in its decidedly feminine remodels.

Trailers feature pastel colors, elegant upholsteries and fun painted cabinets. Each trailer is unique and its personality is considered prior to embarking on the project. Whether it’s from 1956 or 1976, the designers at Love Vintage Caravans know exactly how to restore its previous glory. Man, I wish I lived in New Zealand!

Let’s take a look at a few of their amazing restorations.

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Prices range from 18,000-30,000 NZD per restoration. Not bad when you consider at all the hard work that goes into these beauties.

What do you think? Please add your comments below. If you have friends who love vintage restorations please share these photos!


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