The Wothahellizat: The Mad Max Of Motorhomes

If you plan to explore the Australian Outback, there’s only one way to do it right. It’s called the Wothahellizat ,and it was built by photographer Rob Gray and his wife Chris. You might be wondering why on earth you would need this crazy contraption.

The answer is simple. When you spend long stretches of time in the Australian wilderness you need something that can go everywhere while still feeling like a home. With the amazing 6 x 6 Wothahellizat, this adventurous couple stopped camping and started exploring!


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This beast has everything. From a deck off the back to a hydraulically operated roof. It offers eight solar panels, a toilet, a garage, and plenty of space for just about anything.

You have to see these photos to truly appreciate this amazing Mad Max style beast!

What do you think?  Would you live in this mammoth motorhome? Leave your comments in the box below and then share this amazing story with your friends!


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